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Positioning Web

In B-Cashing we have one of the most active equipment and specialized consultants SEO de in strategies of search engine optimization, able to obtain the best positions in Web Hosting Business the smaller time.

Stores online

You want to sell in Internet? Our experts in electronic commerce guide to you and they train you in the sale online.

We develop stores online, we advised you in the model business that you must follow and we accompanied to you all along in your activity of sale by Internet.

Social Average

We manage your profiles in the main social networks, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and we integrated them in your campaigns of marketing online removing to all the potential from your business and company.

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Marketing Online

In B-Cashing we are expert in the accomplishment of marketing campaigns online, publicity in Internet and the use of different platforms according to the objective from the client.

  • Email Marketing
  • In B-Cashing we carried out the design and execution of professional strategies of email marketing with the aim of catching new leads, harnessing the sales and to generate income.
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  • B-Cashing is a multidisciplinary equipment made up of professionals of marketing, the engineering and the design of professional pages Web in . Our services are:
  • Design of Webs for your company
  • Development Web
  • Dedicated Server
  • Electronic commerce
  • Positioning Web, SEO and SEM
  • Marketing online
  • Design of strategies online
  • SEO Video Marketing

Email marketing

Social average marketing

Campaigns of publicity in Internet
Design pages company Web in

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Design responsive Web in

Designs Web

Also we can interconnect our developments Web with other already existing ones in the company as: Catalogues of products, Systems of Communication with clients, Interconnection to CRM.

In B-Cashing we used our own architecture of development oriented to the positioning for all our projects. This allows us to include any type of design Web without no limitation by the used tools since we can develop additional modules to implement any functionality that is needed.

It discovers our digital campaigns in Google and other average digitalises and social networks to increase the traffic towards your Web.