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You need to secure to contacts and sales immediately?

It directly reaches to the objective public of your products or services.

More of 35% of the publicity in Spain he is already digital.

It obtains potential clients to the smaller cost

The suitable channel for your business

From 2015 the publicity online grows 7 times faster than the average. In 2020 it is already anticipated that it increases a 13.2% over traditional means.

Investment of 150‚¬ to the month

If what you sell it exists is because it covers a necessity. We find your clients and we make visible your business by a minimum investment.

It improves your strategy in publicity

It is able to reach to a greater number of clients through measurable data and making the correct decisions.

What you obtain with AdWords?

I know first in Google

It occupies the first positions in the results search. We improved the campaigns constantly so that your announcements leave first in Google!

It saves in each visit

With Google AdWords only payments by each received click. We optimize the investment that you realise, since who visit to you they know a clearly interest in your product.

It maximizes your conversions

We design, we planned and we executed segmented and qualified campaigns, that allow us to maximize the conversions and to obtain to you to clients and sales.

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How I can have a campaign?

Google AdWords (at the moment denominated Google Ads) is one of the majors and more effective platforms for the accomplishment of campaigns of marketing online and publicity in Internet.

The accomplishment of action of digital marketing in AdWords seems easy, because Google causes that it seems simple, but really requires a previous work of analysis and configuration of the very important campaign, so that it fulfills its objectives and that the advertising investment is profitable.

In the majority of the cases, the nascent ones (or nonexpert) in the platform of Google AdWords or Google Ads usually spend more money of the one than they receive.

For this reason, it is important to trust professionals not only of Google AdWords, but of digital marketing, before sending a campaign. In this way, you will receive advising to know which is the best form to invest in digital publicity, according to your product or service and the investment of which you arrange.

What includes the management of campaigns?

In Nature Digitalis, we counted on a department of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) with experimented specialistic of marketing in Internet.

As it gets hold of specialized in Google AdWords, we worked different phases before sending a campaign properly:

Monitoring of the traffic Web with Google Analytics

Thanks to the tools of analytical with which we worked, we can know how what it happens in your webpage and which is the evolution of your campaigns (if you have them), to determine which are the key words that better are turning and, of this form, to optimize your investment in the campaign of Google AdWords. To measure and to analyze are fundamental actions in our day to day as it gets hold of.

Entailment of accounts for the consolidation of data

We connect all the tools of pursuit of Google to obtain the greater possible data about the behavior of the users in your webpage. This includes Google Analitycs, Google AdWords, Google Search Console and Google Merchant (for campaigns of Shopping).

Implementation of tracking of conversions

Tracking of conversions serves to determine, by means of pursuit tools, those sources, campaigns, action and announcements that produce effective sales, or that take part at least in the processes of sale or the attainment of sale objectives.

Design and configuration of the campaign

Google puts it very easy, until the point of which he is quite simple to be mistaken at the time of raising a campaign of Cost by Click and generating an unnecessary waste in the budget. A correct exposition of campaign and an efficient sociodemographic segmentation not only will cause that clients arrive at our page (securing results), but, in addition, the advertising costs will fall remarkably, making more effective the investment than you realise in Google Ads.

Pursuit and optimization for a greater yield

A campaign in Google AdWords not only consists of the design of a group of announcements as answer to a series of key words or searches of user. The optimization of the quality of these announcements, and the election of the words and the suitable pages of destiny, will cause that our Quality Score or Score of Quality is increased remarkably and, consequently, our visibility increases and the campaign costs fall.

Optimization of you bid up by means of automatization

If you handle hundreds of key words in your campaigns of CPC, you will see how in just a short time it is almost impossible to optimize daily you bid up them not to lose positions or to secure click to the best possible price. Our expert engineers in marketing will implement you bid up automated to optimize your investment at every moment and that your positions are not boarded by the actions of other advertisers. The objective is to secure to the best results optimizing the inverted budget.

You want that our agency evaluates your campaign in AdWords?

If either you have created account of Google AdWords and not you are obtaining result awaited because not you clients arrive, or if you think that you can save money in your campaigns of Ads, we can help you and evaluate your campaign.

We are specialistic in the optimization of the investment in accounts Google historical AdWords with of operation, harnessing those niches where your investment is much more profitable and you can attract more clients and secure better results.

| Nature digitalis, agency of Google AdWords specialized in the management and optimization of campaigns in

But is effective Google AdWords?

Really, the actions of marketing online in Google Ads work to the thousand wonders at the time of catching new clients towards your platform and power to sell your services or products. But also it is certain that many users fail when operating one of the advertising tools more effective than they exist.

Google AdWords is not a toy: it is a complicated system of you bid up, factors of marketing, analytical segmentation and, more and more complex and that must be operated by experts who know where to invest the advertising budgets of the companies. In fact, in the equipment of Digital agency Nature we had experts in marketing, journalists and engineers for the design of our campaigns online.

Our objective is to generate the greater yield to the campaigns of AdWords, segmenting to those users who are the potentials interested in the product or service which we are promoting, designing and implementing groups of announcements that are adapted to the intention search of each user, and taking an exhaustive control of the system of you bid up that it offers Google AdWords.

A great opportunity the one of the digital publicity, that has grown a 205% in the last five years (from 2013 to 2018), according to IAB Spain (Interactive Advertising Bureau). If you go of the hand of experts able to lead your investment, whether you are a small business as if you manage a great budget in publicity, you can benefit from one of the profitable centers the more of advertising investment.