Marketing of Contents: Texts that Turn

Integra the marketing of contents within your strategy of digital marketing to help and to contribute value to your readers, users and potentials clients.

What you will obtain with content marketing?

You will provide Value

If you offer original content, present and of quality that satisfies the needs with your potential clients, you will be contributing value to them and generating confidence for your brand, your products or your services.

You will increase your Sales

A value content attracts clients your site. If later you use a complete strategy of marketing, you will turn to the visitors into contacts, and the contacts in clients.

You will increase your Visibility

You will secure a greater digital presence with respect to your competition, and will gain prestige and notoriety facing your objective public, who will think about you as referring of the sector.

You want to contribute value and of letting grow your visibility and your sales?

Agency of Marketing of Contents

How you can obtain it?

  • Forming to them. If you want that your clients understand how she works your sector, your products and your services, you must form them so that they know how to use them or how they can help them. You will be giving value him to which beams, standing out the benefits that are going to obtain with you.
  • Informing to them. The economy changes, the people change, the tendencies change. If you provide to your potential clients up-to-date information to them, real, useful and valuable, they will thank for it to you. And if you respond to its questions, you will be gaining his attention and its confidence.
  • Entertaining to them. To generate content that it entertains and it amuses is a very good form to catch the attention of the users. This type of content serves as reclamation so that they have you in his mind when they can need your products or services.

| Nature digitalis, gets hold of specialized in Marketing of Contents

You want to improve your strategy of content marketing?

The creation of contents must start off of a specific good objective. But for it, it is necessary to know your public well, and this task of investigation is not simple.

In Nature Digitalis, agency of marketing of contents, we can analyze which is your ideal public objective to understand which are their doubts, preoccupations and needs, in relation to your sector, product and/or service. In this way, the content that we elaborated for you serves you to draw its attention and to attract them your webpage or blog.

In order to maximize the benefits of the content that turns, we can combine them with a complete strategy of digital marketing, in which the following disciplines take part:


The value of the contents resides, partly, in responding to the searches of the users. If we realised an analysis of key words, we oriented the contents to the terms that have searches in Google, and we positioned them with a positioning strategy SEO, we attract qualified traffic.

Automation marketing

We apply techniques of automated marketing: we generate a job stream that €œonly works€ and that allows us to constantly catch new qualified users for your business. These they provide its data to us and they conduct the battles that you want while we move them by a conversion funnel.

Email Marketing

Once we have the data of the users, we executed an email strategy marketing to generate engagement: we combine divulging informative content/with promotional content and, thus, we transformed your public of cold to tempering, and tempering to hot, when generating value and confidence.

Social networks

We use distinas social networks to move the content of organic form and to arrive at your public, being looked for his participation and promoting the direct talks. You will generate a compatible public around your brand, you will present your products and promotions, and will have some usuary more connected with you.

Facebook Ads

Certainly you spend long time on Facebook. Your public also. This platform of publicity allows us to arrive at your target of a subtle and fast way, through the promotion of content of quality and great value for the users, previously segmented. In return, we secured to his data and conversions.

Facebook Bot

We make use of Facebook Bot so that you can communicate with your users and provide the content to them that needs automatic form, in exchange for his data. One is a way very simple to increase to your possibilities and your speed of answer, so that your conversation with your hearing is dynamic.

Lead Magnet

The generation of exclusive contents under unloading allows us to be able to collect the data (email, name, etc.) of qualified users for your business, in exchange for providing access to them to this exclusive content. She is one of the most effective forms to generate a data base for your company.


With the Copywriting we created texts that hook and catch to your readers, pleasing their needs, moving them to the action and being able to increase their level of engagement with your company. The texts that turn can be very useful for a blog, but also for your main page, social pages of services or networks.

We worked together in a strategy of Marketing 360º for your business?