How to save money in your campaigns Google AdWords

€œThe global traffic of movable data will multiply by 13 in next the five years€ according to the platform of WiFi Marketing, Wisphere.

As you see, the data give fear and first in realizing it was GOOGLE. If habitually you realise campaigns in Google Adwords you will have noticed two changes:

1] Google Adwords no longer allows to select in the configuration of a campaign to what type of devices you want it to orient, computers, mobiles or tablets.

2] the rate by ricochet of the traffic originated in the campaign of Adwords has gone off (mainly in the DISPLAY network)

This is due to that your campaigns are being published of a uncontrolled form in movable devices generating a highest rate by ricochet and an average time of visit below the 10 seconds.

Google puts very easy the user to him to make click with the finger involuntarily, is in text announcements or in banners for the network of Display, with the consequent cost in your campaigns and the inefficiency of the action.

When contacting with Google to ask if there were form to them to solve shelp this to us literally: €œThe short answer is, NOT€.

As we are a little heavy and something tenacious finally, they confessed.

The campaigns to computers with the aim of obtaining a perfect yield know that 50% of accesses to Internet are taking place from movable terminals and that the majority of the Webs is not adapted, consequently to the orientabamos advertisers perfectly.
Of this Google form it was losing money and decided to implement the CAMPAIGNS OUTPOSTS. That among others things that force the advertisers to publish for all the devices.

I leave the solution you, is simple. One is to accede to the Configuration of Campaign and to accede to the new eyelash that appears: DEVICES.

There it appears a listing with the 3 types of devices, computers, tablets and mobiles. In the line - movable Devices with complete navigators appear a dash in the column Adjustment of the Supply€¦ YOU ABOVE PUNCTURE and to form TO REDUCE SUPPLY 100%.

This way your campaign will stop publishing itself for the mobiles; your CTR and your Rate by ricochet will improve very many€¦ NOR THAT TO SAY TO OS THE MONEY THAT OS YOU ARE GOING TO SAVE!

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