Amazon ADS: the Platform of Publicity of Amazon

It catches active users in the greater store online of the planet, Amazon, by means of strategies of publicity and positioning in the platform with Amazon Advertising.

For which Amazon ADS?

Volume of business

Amazon ADS is more important the emergent advertising platform of the moment. Half of the buyers online carries out their purchases in Amazon.

Greater segmentation

The Amazon giant offers to the advertisers a great variety of formats of publicity and promotions, with segmentation and personalisation outposts.

Exclusive inventory

Amazon Advertising counts on its own inventory of advertising space, reason why you will increase your possibilities of impact with respect to Google and Facebook.

It interests to You to sell better more and thanks to Amazon Advertising?

Amazon Advertising ADS

What is Amazon ADS?

Amazon ADS is the advertising platform of Amazon.

Certainly if you have considered to send a campaign of publicity in Internet, you have thought about great platforms as Facebook and Google.

Nevertheless, you do not have to forget to you Amazon Advertising, the system of Pay Rep Click (Payment By Click/PPC) of the Amazon giant. What means a system PPC?

  • You can locate your announcements in different locations, inside and outside Amazon.
  • You have several options of segmentation of hearings.
  • Payments only if the users click in your announcements.

Amazon already is the greater store online of the planet, reason why it generates a great confidence in the consumers. If you announce with Amazon ADS, you announce in a platform where the users clearly are interested and prepared to buy.

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What includes Amazon Advertising?

The publicity in Amazon, contrary to which it can seem, is very varied. In fact, one of the attractive majors of Amazon Advertising is the possibilities that offer as far as locations and formats.

Amazon Advertising allows from the concrete product promotion (sponsored products) at the time of the search to the reproduction of video in different locations.

Sponsored announcements

The Sponsored Announcements are sent when the user looks for certain keyword (keyword) in the bar search of Amazon. Products (also well-known as Sponsored Products) or brands (Sponsored Brands) can be sponsored, but these impacts always come motivated by the key words from the search of the user.


Stores (stores) allows you to create your own store online within Amazon, with a direction a product URL and catalogue. This tool allows the user to find all products in a single place, and it facilitates the product cross-selling to you related or better valued in an only URL towards which to direct campaigns.

Announcements of Display

Unlike the Sponsored Products or Sponsored Brands, the announcements of Display are oriented to the recognition name brand. They are announcements that appear as much inside as outside Amazon and that is not motivated by a search, but by the own interests of the user. Amazon Display works by means of banners.

Announcements of Video

Similarly to the announcements of Display, the announcements of video of Amazon print so much in the own website of Amazon as in their network, but they are different in that are in format video. In this way they allow to a greater impact and more interactivity with the users, since they are more showy.

Customized announcements

The customized announcements of Amazon Advertising allow to offer a more attractive and innovating experience to the users, in order that the interactivity is greater. These customized announcements are looked less like the conventional announcements. An example would be the events in direct.

Amazon DSP

Finally, we have Amazon DSP, the platform of programmatic publicity of Amazon ADS. One is based on the impression of announcements outside Amazon, in its network of publicity. The locations are diverse, including sites of third parties with which Amazon has agreements, and removed from Ad Exchanges.

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