3 Aspects Key To improve your SEO in 2020

As you know, the positioning in Google depends on multiple different factors. The finder changes the criteria continuously to position, and also it varies the weight that has each.

For that reason, we want to update to you with the last considerations of Google. We could say that, in 2020, the factors that have a greater protagonism are the following:

Speed of load

One of the most determining factors at the time of positioning a webpage in 2020 is the speed of load.

A Web that behind schedule more than 4 seconds in loading and offering the content to the users causes that they close the page and goes away to another one. That simple. You finish losing the opportunity to sell your products or services!

Even if you think that your webpage loads sufficiently fast so that the users remain sailing, it is important that the speed of load is major that the one of your main competitors, because of this Google form it will award to you and it will position to you over them.

In the speed of load of a Web different factors take part, between which they emphasize:

  • Weight of the images.
  • Speed of the servant.
  • Optimization of resources.
  • Compression of code CSS and Java Script.
  • Simultaneous load of archives.
  • Redirections of pages.

You are considering Them? If the answer is no, you have work ahead.

It turns your webpage into a car of races!

Unique and optimized content

It is fundamental that each page has an original, unique content, optimized according to all their semantic rank and that, in addition, contributes value to the users. I do not know if you know it, but this is not only attractive for your clients, but also for Google.

Concerning SEO and content, we have a very important recommendation for you:

Taken care of with the duplicated content!

Frequently, we were with pages that compete among them by the same keyword, due to a bad optimization or, simply, because we have created very similar pages.

This problem entails a penalty on the part of Google, that does not know what page is main and the most important one, and finishes not positioning any.

In order to solve the problem of duplicated content, you must orient each page to a single keyword, optimize the content towards that keyword and all their semantic rank, and to be to him useful to the user.

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Mobile First

In 2018, the number of users of mobile phones ascended anywhere in the world to 5,135 billions. This number means that 68% of the world-wide population use a movable terminal.

The tendency in use of mobiles has continued increasing in 2019 and this 2020 will follow by the same way.

In fact, every time they are plus the users who realise all type of searches, consultations, purchases and transactions from movable devices, to the detriment of the computers.

For this reason, it is fundamental that your webpage or it lies down online is adapted and optimized to movable terminals.

It analyzes how your webpage in mobiles is seen and what navigation experience has the users who sail it!

At present, Google is analyzing the first version mobile of the Webs and, on the basis of their yield and optimization, some are granting him positions or others in the finder.

A Web that is adapted and optimized to movable terminals, that a good experience of user offers, that it is sailed easily, that allows that the user finds easily what looks for in her, and that above fast loading, obtains one better position in the SERPS that those that is not it.

The SEO in 2020 is not only SEO

As certainly you have realized, the SEO is a changeable discipline, that it requires to be constantly updated on the last new features.

We cannot predict the future, but there is something we know clearly: Google is going to continue awarding the quality of the contents and the usability on the part of the user as much or more than the adjustment of key words.

For that reason, we can say, without fear to mistake to us, that in the 2020 (and in future) SEO no longer is only SEO, but is important to complement it with:

  • A strong strategy of marketing of contents.
  • A development and design Web that allows the fast use and in mobiles on the part of the users.
  • Linkbuilding of quality, useful for the users, fulfilling more if it fits with the criteria of usability of Google.

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