How to increase the traffic of your Web?

Main strategies of Digital Marketing to obtain more traffic

One of the main objectives that we marked ourselves when we have a webpage is to obtain traffic, truth?

But to secure visits of users usually becomes an authentic worry because at first sight, you do not know how to do it.

So that this does not happen to you, there are preparation this article where we explained to you how you can increase the traffic of your webpage or blog by means of different strategies from digital marketing.

Marketing of contents

One of the most effective strategies to increase the traffic of your Web is by means of the creation of contents that contribute value to the users.

In this point, your objective is to create utility information, where you can transmit your knowledge with the purpose of to train, to inform and/or to entertain to your objective public, that is to say, all those people who are compatible to your brand and business.

This content allows you to position to you as a referring one of your sector, to improve your recognition name brand and to increase your visibility. And, most important, to be to him of utility and to connect with people interested in your products and/or services.

Once you have created the different pieces from content, it will be necessary to analyze which is the best strategy to give diffusion him: social networks, as much of organic form as phelp, Email Marketing, or even positioning it in Google, by means of a strategy SEO.

Social networks

The main social networks, as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn and Twitter, count with million and million users, between who is your objective public.

The key is in knowing exactly in which they are and creating a strategy of Social Average to arrive at them, interacting, contributing to them to value, giving them support, etc.

The social networks are ideal to share and to give diffusion to the content that you have been creating. You can distribute in groups and communities and thus to increase the traffic towards your blog or webpage.

Another form to use the social networks correctly and to derive traffic to your website is to observe the needs that target has your and to respond to its doubts actively, not only to that they can raise to you directly, if to that they cannot be raising to your competition.

Of this form, you are able to draw attention of these users, to give help to them, to take advantage of his possible problems with the competition, and to catch them.

Strategies Marketing Companies

Email Marketing

It is than possible more that you already have a data base of emails, that you do not use and that you are wasting.

You can take advantage of the pieces content that you have created to send them by email to your data base, and practically increase the traffic of your Web to cost zero.

We recommended to you that you generate content having in account the Copy of the text, being captivating and generating an action on the part of the reader who can help to be able you to increase your sales.


Another one of the best forms to catch new traffic and users is by means of the positioning of your contents and your pages in the results search of Google.

With this strategy you can exponentially increase the traffic of your webpage or blog. That yes, to secure a great result, is necessary to realise keyword research, that is to say, a study of what key words they are adapted to try in your contents, considering the volume search of the same, as well as the intention search of the users.

The combination of all the actions and strategies that we have mentioned in this article allows you to increase your traffic of qualified form, when catching the attention of new users interested in your business.

The ideal is that: to be able to combine several strategies of Marketing Online 360º to secure your objectives of fast and economic form. In Nature Digitalis we took to end all these action, and some more, to make sure to offer an integral service of marketing and publicity.

We worked together in a strategy of Marketing 360º for your business?