What is better: a Blog or a Webpage?

One of the most important questions for the companies when they begin in the digital plane.

Certainly sometimes you have asked yourself: €œWhat interests more to me, to do a blog to me or to design a webpage

Essentially, as much a blog as a webpage is used for the same: to publish contents and to satisfy a necessity (of your clients or potentials clients, mainly).

Nevertheless, they are not exactly equal concepts.

In their origins, the blogs responded to the format of a ship's log, because their publications are ordinates of chronological form normally, as a €œnewspaper side€.

Later, they happened to classify his entrances by categories, labels, popularity and a countless number of combinations, with form of €œanatomical vibrator€: pages of greater text, forms, subscriptions, commentaries€¦ to please of the publisher.

In the end, they became a space where to say €œWho I am? To where I go? From where I come? Contact to me€

Corporative webpages: the identity of a company

On the other hand, the objective of a good design Web also is the one to offer contents ordered and/or classified by categories, dates, alphabetical order€¦

When we spoke of webpages, by the way, we spoke of corporative webpages, company. Because, after all and if we put technicians, a blog is a type of webpage.

Having this in account, you must know that, following their typology, in a same webpage different classes from content even can coexist: texts, images, the news, articles, I connect, documents, etc.

Differences between blog and corporative webpage

Although both publication tools are similar actually, you must know that they do not work equal. We are going to only indicate a pair to you of differences:

  • Blog. It is gratuitous and easy to administer, but difficult to position.
  • Web. It has an optimal architecture to secure to presence and positioning Web. He is burglaryable, but it must be developed by an expert, and that bond money.

And what means all this for you and your company?

Since, although the content of your blog is best of the world and you, a literary crack, if it does not position and it has visibility, it does not serve don't mention it, because nobody is going to find to you and, consequently, nobody is going to you to read.

With these few lines already you must have made a decision but, if still you do not know it clearly, be done the following question: You want to sell a service, or simply you need to be relieved?

Strategies Marketing Companies

Strategies of marketing and contents

If you pay attention, the good corporative webpages always try within the framework to cover an enterprise necessity with a marketing strategy. The good or bad operation of the presence online can affect to great part of the yield of the commercial activity, following the quota that represents the digital slope in the company.

Therefore, if your presence online is framed in a marketing strategy, you will need a webpage.

The blogs, on the other hand, are recommendable as complement to the webpage. They can be integrated in she herself or a domain or different subdomain. Both sites can feed back of traffic and reputation online: the page, supplying services and picking up campaigns of marketing; the blog, for the Marketing of Contents.

In the end, many companies use the blogs as personal pages, that respond to an urgent org¡smica necessity to count everything what to one it is crossed to him the mind and to be relieved. But a blog without a marketing objective serves neither to improve the personal brand, nor to increase the reputation nor, much less, to make money.

But really what you look for is to obtain a benefit in Internet, save the suicide to you of 3 million your neurons. It constructs a Web where to be able to offer your services with probability that they find you.

It obtains qualified traffic, and it sells!

We worked together in a strategy of Marketing 360º for your business?