What is the Branded Content? 5 Ideas to apply it to your brand

Branded content is a type of content to connect with your objective public. We guided to you with 5 suggestions to already begin to generate value content.

Branded content is the natural answer from the brands to an advertising market more and more saturated.

The competition in many sectors is overwhelming: to sell products or services of direct way becomes complicated, the ideas are run out and the user finishes feeling confused and lost in a sea of advertising impacts that do not emphasize.

As in many other techniques and examples of Digital Marketing, branded concentrates in the content as greater assets than a company or marks can share with its objective public.

And, as it happens to all these strategies of publicity, this way to understand the relation between the clients and the brand works.

What is branded content?

Branded content, or contained name brand, is that one content created by a company, related to its brand, that it looks for to entertain, to move and, really, to transmit an emotion to its objective public, with the purpose of establishing a lasting relation with him.

Therefore, branded does not look for so much (or only) to sell, but to generate an affinity between the clients and the brand, with the purpose of increasing engagement with the same and, therefore, the notoriety of the company.

One of the main ingredients to obtain it is, since there are saying, the emotion. Branded content is connected with and transmits the values of a company very well.

Perhaps arrived at this point, you wonder yourself what differentiates branded from the Marketing of Contents. It is very simple:

  • The Marketing of Contents is a strategy of Digital Marketing that generally includes all the contents that a company generates for its public. They do not have why to be bound to the brand and its values, and less still to the relation that settles down with the clients. Although it must be of value, the content can merely be informative, without emotional character.
  • Branded content, on the other hand, is a type of contents of which they are included in the strategy of Marketing of Contents. They have an important emotional component and that the values stand out that the company transmits, looking for that they are shared and assumed by its potential clients.
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Why branded? 5 Advantages of the content name brand

  • Branded content is an organic, natural and noninvasive form to make publicity. As we commented to you, the users are saturated of advertising messages, mainly, in Internet, and are thankful for content that appeals to them and it fills to them.
  • The interaction with your company is increased. When having value and relevance, urge the answer and implication on the part of the users, obtaining a bidirectional conversation that it will contribute very valuable information to you on your public, your market and your product or service.
  • It can help to improve the conversions, since a content that moves is able to transform strangers into visitors, to visitors in contacts and contacts in clients.
  • The content name brand increases the loyalty. The establishment of a connection with your potential clients through the emotion that you transmit to them can become a relation in the long term. Branded content help to create a community around your brand, with a high level of engagement. Once you have turned your objective public into clients, branded content will even help you to that they recommend to you and they are transformed into prescribers.
  • All this will cause as much that you have more visibility, notoriety and positioning, in Internet as in the market. Branded content is a type of content very centered in branding, reason why their results as far as measurable conversions can not be 100%. But, in any case, you will know that you are improving your reputation. Perhaps you even obtain that a content yours becomes viral, since a campaign based on branded content has more probability of becoming popular and of sharing without control.

5 ideas to begin to create branded content

This it is a process that it requires of creativity, investigation and a deep will to connect with the hearing on the part of the brand.

Concretely, we offer these 5 ideas to you so that you generate content able to move your objective public.

1. It investigates your potential clients very well

If you want to move, to move and to connect with somebody, to know him thoroughly is something essential.

Don't mention it serves that you make suppositions exceeds what you think that likes or interests your objective public. The best thing is than I put you in the mud: that you sail by social networks, forums and pages of Internet that treat subjects related to your brand to see of what it is spoken; that you make surveys or you ask the clients directly who already you have; and that you are inspired with the suggestions of compatible people to your company to find contents that are excellent for them.

2. It counts a good history

The power of histories is undeniable. Certainly we use them in your day to day to communicate to you with the others of a more effective way then, at heart, to all like stories if they are well counted.

Storytelling is one of the ways more powerful than they exist at the time of connecting with your hearing. If you have a real history related to what you sell, you do not doubt in operating it. A hero, a challenge and a favorable resolution are everything what you need so that your hearing thinks €œI I want to be he€ or €œI also have felt as her sometimes€.

3. Ten in account the objective of your content name brand

We have already seen that branded content can have numerous benefits, but is important that you know that, sometimes, you will take advantage more some than of others.

If you always have in mind which is your objective, you will be able to develop to contents branded that, for example, focus to that your brand is well-known by more people, or to that a data base turns, or to generate recommendations between your community.

Generally, branded content can obtain all this, but always you must think about concrete actions related to concrete objectives.

4. It experiments with different formats

Sometimes, when we thought about examples of branded, we thought about articles. In a format text that can be distributed easy by means of a connection to a blog.

It would surprise to know the one to you of formats in which you can create branded content for your brand. Branded is something that transfers the digitalis (for example, already cancelled parade of Victoria's Secret it was a great example), but that in Internet even can have other forms beyond the traditional article.

Not always you need a Web or blog where to lodge articles, but there are other examples of campaign of this type: you can offer content that it on Facebook connects in posts, Twitter or Instagram; to work with image, computer graphics or video (YouTube would be only one of the many options); to generate eBooks, guides and other unballastable ones; or to enter you in the gamificaci³n and even to contract to the development of games and applications related to your sector.

5. Much imagination throws to him

The most important so that you can create contents of great interest are that you are creative.

You can inspire you by some campaign of content name brand that has developed a great company, but you are not mistaken: branded content is for all, small and medium businesses including.

It always thinks on scale. With imagination and a deep knowledge of your public and your resources at digital level, you can offer to them from advice, contests or drawings to customized content, histories of success or the generation of collaborative content.

You do not forget that the main thing that you are near, useful and is entertained. Clear Ten the emotion that you want to transmit, and connects with her.

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