The 5 Keys of a good campaign in Google AdWords

SEM (Search Engine Marketing, or Marketing in Web search engines) is one of the most important areas within digital marketing and publicity in Internet. It consists of making publicity in finders.

In this sense, and more concretely, Google AdWords it is the tool that offers Google to take to end this type of strategies.

When the organic positioning (SEO) is difficult to obtain due to a high competition, a limited budget or a period of time too much lifted to secure first positions, the campaigns in Google AdWords become a good alternative to be able to appear in the 4 first results of Google of imminent form.

That yes, AdWords is a publicity system, reason why if it is stopped investing in the platform, the announcements will disappear. Also it has a system of you bid up quite complex, that obeys to metric and specific and changeable rules.

Therefore, to make publicity in AdWords is not as easy as it seems.

From Nature Digitalis, as it gets hold of specialistic in Google AdWords, we want to speak to you of a series of factors nails that you must consider at the time of creating a strategy in this plafaforma.

Aspects nail to create a good campaign in AdWords

In order to take the investment in Google AdWords successfully, it is very important that you consider these five points.

By all means, first it will be to analyze which are the objectives that are persecuted with the campaign of AdWords: notoriety name brand, visibility, subscriptions, forms of contact, unloadings, sales, etc.

On the basis of these objectives, the exposition of the SEM campaign will be different.

1. Different campaigns

The creation of different campaigns according to the objective or a segment allows to observe and to analyze what campaign behaves better and which generates a better result. Of this form, all the budget to those campaigns can be destined that better work.

2. Geographic segmentation

The criterion of geographic segmentation usually is very important to create different campaigns, because it allows to create groups of specific announcements to the territory, being personalized the announcements and arriving at the users who interest to us more. In the same way, the analysis between the different campaigns is simpler, and this allows to more quickly make decisions on the reassignment from the budget.

3. Landing pages

The landing page of the announcements is a key piece for the attainment of the objectives. The campaign, the group of announcements and the announcements can be very or realised, but as landing page or is not formed for the attainment of the objective, they are not going away to obtain the awaited results.

4. Constant analysis

The analysis and supervision must be constant to have a campaign of well directed AdWords. Don't mention it serves to create the campaign and to review it to the week once, because in all this time the cost of money can be crazy, mainly if the cost by click (CPC) by keyword is elevated due to the high competition of the sector, or nonvalid clicks on the part of the competition or of robots even take place.

5. Extensions of announcement

The extensions help to complete the information of the announcement, because they provide more excellent data to the users. In addition, they serve as strategy to clear space to him of announcement to the competition, and call plus the attention, which supposes an increase of the CTR.

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