How to create infinite accounts of mail with Gmail

Today I will be brief and practitioner.

Certainly in more than an occasion you have had the necessity to create more than an account in Gmail for infinity of questions: registries in tools, creation of multiple users, etc.

I leave a form you to create infinite accounts of Gmail as a alias of a fast and simple way.

We imagine that your account of Gmail is:

Then, you only must add to sign + and the word or number that you want behind the user name.

Thus, we can secure to new accounts type or, and generate so many alias as you need.

And we spoke of alias because these variations of your account of Gmail are not accounts as so, although can serve you similarly, since you will receive all the post office in your account of always (

I explain myself.

These accounts of Gmail will not serve you to send mail; in fact, you cannot initiate session with them. He is much more simple that.

What yes you can do is to use those directions to register to you in different platforms or at the time of giving your mail somebody.

Why it can be to you useful?

It is happened to me, for example, to create different profiles in social networks and to coordinate all the mail from a same account.

Also you can have several accounts in platforms as Dropbox, that offer an amount of limited gratuitous storage.

In this way you can increase your space in the cloud without having to create a new account of Gmail.

Simply, again register in Dropbox using a different alias to you (for example, and the confirmation mail will arrive at your normal mail.

The best thing is than you will have two (or more) accounts with its corresponding gratuitous storage.

Easy, truth?

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Something similar happens with platforms with periods of test.

Although normally you will need a different credit card whenever you want to enjoy a period of test, if you have several cards you do not need several emails: you can create specific alias and save having to create mail accounts.

Finally, you can use the alias to classify your mail of automatic form.

If, for example, you want to classify all your incoming mail in relation to your clients, simply give to these clients an alias of your email address:

The post office of your clients will arrive at your generic account, but you can create a filter so that they are classified single.

He is as simple as to generate a new filter from Configuration (in the small wheel of adjustments of the right part superior) that responds to the automatism: €œWhen a mail is for, assign it to the folder Clients€.

Very useful, certain?

Nevertheless, and although this can be practitioner to organize the post office at particular level, is not most professional for a company.

Of any company one hopes that it has corporative, tie accounts of mail to his domain or direction Web through hosting.

That is to say, the ideal is that if your website is, you can distribute for your clients, suppliers and creditors email addresses of the type or, as well as of concrete workers: or a.bola±

For it, you will have to contract a professional service of hosting that includes several corporate managements.

With him you will be able to manage better your relations with your clients and, by all means, your campaigns of Email Marketing.

If this trick to have infinite accounts of mail with Gmail is practical similarity to you, you do not doubt in sharing it!

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