Hearing or customized public on Facebook: How to create it?

A customized public on Facebook is a set of users who do not respond to any type of sociodemographic segmentation of which Facebook makes your available when you form a campaign of publicity in his platform, Facebook Ads.

For example: Women, married, of 30 to 55 years, that live in .

A hearing or customized segment can be your own clients, stored in your CRM or data base (Customer Relationship Manager).

How to create a Customized Hearing on Facebook

Perhaps it interests to you that only this set of individuals sees communications on your new products or services, or that they remember to you always by means of announcements.

For it, you must accede to the Administrator of Announcements of Facebook, a tool outpost for the creation of campaigns, announcements, hearings and public. If you do not have an advertiser account, you will have to create it previously.

Once in the Administrator, and within the options of his menu, you will have to accede to the option Active > Hearings.

Customized hearing of Facebook

Fact this, you must select To create Hearing > Customized Hearing, in the part superior of the panel where you can see all hearings (if there were them).

To create Customized Hearing Facebook

Now it will appear a new window in that you must select File of clients, which will allow you to load a file, in format Excel (.CSV) or Texto (.TXT), that contains all the directions of email of your data base of clients. It remembers to select the option To use a file that does not include LTV.

In this file that you raise the platform, also you can provide a relation of telephones, UIDs (Users YOU GO) or identifiers of users of applications of Facebook. Facebook can even find users through its date of birth.

To create Customized Hearing Facebook

The social network will analyze this data base and in just a short time it will tell you how many of those directions of email, or another type de dato, they correspond on Facebook to active users.

From this operation, you will be able to use this customized hearing as target of your campaigns of Social Average Marketing.

Advantages of the Customized Public of Facebook

As you can imagine, the power and capacity of impact of your campaign of publiciad on target defined are enormous. Later you can know to how many usuary you have hit, with what frequency, how many they interacted and how many they turned, etc.

Facebook makes your available a system creation of pixels of conversion, independent by campaign and announcement. A conversion pixel is script that, inserted in the objective webpage of your campaign, will allow you to rake of precise form how many usuary they are acceding to the same through your campaign on Facebook.

With these tools and action of marketing, yes you can use the social networks to sell and yes you can measure the accurately dazzling ROI, even if your objective fans is not only your but any other individual with account of user in this social network.

As it hoists of this type of strategies, you can solicit to Facebook that analyzes its graph to offer a public to you with a profile similar to the set of users who you have provided to him, that is to say, a public similar to your clients. The analysis will be based on the Edge Rank of the users, its friendly on Facebook and the conducts developed with their page subscriptions of fans.

In just a short time, you will obtain another segment of users with a sociodemographic profile and socioconductivo similar to the set of your clients, who you will be able to return to segment, if necessary, and to use as target for other actions of Social Average Marketing within this social network.

Strategies Marketing Companies

Nevertheless, you must know that the knowledge of this type of tools does not ensure the success of a campaign. In marketing the prescriptions do not exist.

There are many factors that determine the success of the strategies Ads on Facebook, as the correct election of means (perhaps Internet not even is adapted), or the adapted selection of the format of announcement and the advertising message for the campaign of announcements.

For us, these strategies of marketing online in social networks are infinitely more profitable and productive than the actions that are limited the publication of contents in fanpages, by very interesting which they are, but to use the phelp publicity on Facebook it is necessary to have advanced knowledge and experience in digital marketing.

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