How to have e-commerce of success: the secrets to guess right with your store online

From Nature Digitalis we offer the keys to you so that your store online is profitable and successful.

The stores online have proliferated years in the last. Many businessmen have realized their potential and have decided to adapt physical businesses to the surroundings of Internet; other many entrepreneurs have sent themselves with a store online that does not have physical location. A business example online is Maxima Cleaning, wholesaler and leader in the sale and distribution of products of industrial and professional cleaning.

However, to have e-commerce is not synonymous of ensured success. Many stores exist that commit diverse errors that they prevent them to reach his objectives of sale, even with the best product of the market, and even if their prices are competitive. Why? We see some points essential to obtain a success store online, that is profitable in the time and fidelice clients.

  • It knows your market. What you are going to sell in your e-commerce, and to whom? An exhaustive study of market is necessary, with which we will know the demand that can have your product, which will be your competition, what restrictions you can find€¦

  • It takes care of the expenses of shipment and the methods of payment. Many stores online neglect a as important aspect as this one. A great amount of clients retires of the purchase process if they consider that the purchase online is not profitable in comparison with a physical acquisition, or is because they must pay too much by the shipment or because we are not proving all the methods of payment that facilitate the life to him to the user.

  • It offers rapidity, as much in your page, as in the purchase process and gives. A page that it loads slow not only will discourage to the client to continue with the transaction: it will also harm your positioning. Also, we must take care of that the number of steps to find products in the Web or to pay it is the possible minimum, not to waste the impulse of purchase of the user. Finally, you must offer a downtime that is acceptable for the client, according to the product that bandage: good logistic and a supply of different options from shipment, with different prices for impatient and those that can hope, will ensure the success to you in your shipments.

  • It describes your products perfectly. At textual level, the texts must be original and own. You must balance the optimization at level SEO with the consideration of the user: the tone adapted to your public chooses. On the other hand, it includes always images and/or own videos of quality and so that the client knows the product that is going to buy. You imagine to go to a store and not to be able to see what you are going to acquire? Here the same happens. In addition, the content multimedia improves your search engine optimization.

  • It takes care of your clients. It offers confidence and security from the first moment. The potential clients will look for transparency on the part of the store online. Assure to you to have a section type €œWho we are€, a page of Contact with a fixed telephone and an email, an attractive design€¦ On the other hand, the attention to the client is key: the response time must be minimum, and the personalisation and the details in your communications and shipments will generate affection by your brand.

  • Support you in the strategies of digital marketing that better adapt to your business and needs. A good strategy SEO is necessary, and we have already mentioned some aspects that will help to improve your positioning. Also you can lean in digital publicity or email marketing, but it remembers: it segments the publicity to the maximum not to bother to the users with products or services that do not interest to them.

  • Finally, you do not neglect the last technological aspects: your store online must be adapted to mobiles and integrated with social networks. As much the design responsive as the social character gives points, as much from Google, that it will improve your positioning, as of the users: half of them almost realises purchases directly from the mobile, and many of these transactions come from recommendations and announcements in social networks.

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