Strategies of Building Link with newspaper connections

It improves the positions of your Web in the results search when buying newspaper connections with our service of professional Building Link.

Why to make Building Link?


In your strategy of positioning Web, the Building Link is fundamental. In addition to the optimization SEO of the content of your page in himself, you will need incoming connections to generate true relevance around your business and of obtaining so longed for first positions.


The newspapers and newspapers are not of the webpages with more authority by chance: they receive very many visits. With a good strategy of Building Link, a connection of a newspaper towards your webpage can shoot your traffic and, therefore, your opportunities of sale.


The image name brand goes very related to the means appearance. If you take to end a good action of Building Link and publish excellent content and of quality in mass media, it will increase the recognition of the brand in your sector and between your target.

Would You like to receive connections from newspapers?

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It shoots your positioning

As you know, the positioning Web or SEO consists of optimizing the webpages or blogs on the basis of a series of factors so that the finders, mainly Google, evaluate them positively, award them and they show them between the first results in the SERPS.

But, as we finished mentioning, they are a series of different factors those that enter game at the time of determining what page has more relevance with respect to the others and being able to establish therefore a ranking of positions.

The SEO we can separate it in two great blocks: SEO OnPage and SEO OffPage.

SEO OffPage consists of taking to end a series of actions that take place outside ours site, although connect directly with our page.

The most important factor of the positioning In off Site is, doubtless, the Building Link, that consists of the generation and obtaining of quality connections which they come from diverse sites of good reputation.

With the last and frequent updates of the algorithm of Google, it is very important to study of detailed form the strategy of Building Link and connections that must make to obtain, on the one hand, the best possible results and, to the same time, to avoid unexpected surprises, as penalty and loss of positions in the ranking.

Therefore, don't mention it serves to create connections in sites of doubtful quality or that they have been penalized by Google. And it does not serve either as much a connection outside context or surrounded by contained evil. 

The Linkbuilding SEO that truly is being effective is the sum of a good content with an originating connection of an authority site. A natural and trustworthy way to obtain it is to buy connections from newspapers and newspapers.

However, he is not beneficial facing your strategy of positioning SEO buying connections in sites foreign, as forums, with the same anchor text and created as Spam. That is not to make SEO of quality, and the connections that are obtained are not those that it likes to Google.

Also it is necessary to say that less it is more, and than he is much more recommendable (because therefore it likes to Google) to have a reduced number of connections but of great quality that thousands of connections Spam without authority some. 

Service of Campaigns of Building Link and connections of High performance

In Nature Digitalis we are specialistic in designing and implanting strategies and campaigns of Building Link of high performance.

Our strategy is based on creating, buying and to be able to generate connections that come from newspapers and newspapers online, as much at local level as national, through the publication of articles and reviews in the same.

Of this form, we correctly generated a content optimized in that we used the more excellent key words and always considering the semantic ecosystem in which are keywords to work.

Thus, we secured a very powerful connection and of more quality from a website of high reputation, at the same time as we generated an efficient, up-to-date and good content. 

We worked together in a strategy of Marketing 360º for your business?