Consultancy eCommerce: Power your Store Online

It knows which are the key points that there are to drive in your electronic commerce to make shoot your sales online.

What benefits you obtain with our consultancy?

You relaunch your business

Whether you finish sending your commerce online, as if or he is active for a long time, your business will take off with our consultancy.

You will increase your Sales

We put the center in increasing your sales online, harnessing the most interesting products and optimizing sale cards.

You will increase your Visibility

You will secure to a greater digital presence in the market, increasing the notoriety of your brand and business between your potential clients.

You want to increase the sales of your eCommerce?

Consultancy eCommerce

Of what our consulting service of Electronic Commerce consists

As expert consultants in Digital Marketing and Electronic Commerce, we worked the 4 areas related to the 4 stages of a consumer in front of a sale process:

  • Discovery.
  • Consideration.
  • Conversion.
  • Loyalty.


The first point that we approached is the discovery of your brand or product. Is Your business at the moment recognized and positioned well between your objective public? We helped you to work in it.

Tool of eCommerce

We analyze the configuration of the tool of electronic commerce, and suggested all the necessary changes so that the product purchase is simple for the user (cards of product, footbridges of payment, etc.).

Commercial proposal

We realise a oriented commercial proposal to a business model online, that is very different from the business model offline. Our objective is to generate yield in the sale realised by the channel online.

Stimuli of sale

We design actions that help fidelizar to the present clients of the electronic commerce through discounts, customized proposals€¦ We helped you to choose the suitable strategies of Marketing more Online.

Exhaustive analysis

We take to end an exhaustive analysis of your store online to detect which are the main errors by which you are not able to sell so much as you would like, and we guided and we advised about the points and elements to you where you must make emphasis so that the users begin to buy more.

We realise:

  • Study of the model of present business online.
  • Usability and analysis of the architecture of the information.
  • Analysis of the product catalogue.
  • Implementation and monitoring of metric of the control of sale objectives.
  • Analysis of the traffic and the profile of the users of website.
  • Analysis SEO for search engine optimization.
  • Optimization of conversion CRO.
  • Optimization of the purchase process (forms of payment, means of shipment€¦).
  • Definition of the protocols on watch and attention to the client.
  • Revision of the legal and fiscal frame of the activity online and the product.
  • Analysis of prices and competitors of the sector.
  • Proposals of marketing online and offline.

If you really believe in the commerce online, it relaunches your business with the advising of experts. At this point already you will have verified that to sell by Internet is not easy.

What includes our consulting service of eCommerce?

  • Report of route, you rule and recommendations to follow for the attainment of the objectives previstos.*
  • Service of resolution of questions about the raised strategies, telephone route/email.

*Las actions that set out will be adapted of agreed form according to the resources of the client.

What does not include this service?

  • Operative actions, of optimization and improvement, that are recommended.
  • Actions of Digital Marketing that set out in search of an increase of the yield of the website.

We worked together in a strategy of Marketing 360º for your business?