It increases your rate of conversion of objectives with the CRO

What is the CRO?

The CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) is a methodology of digital marketing oriented to improve the rate of conversion of a project online: webpage, blog, lie down online, etc.

The conversion can be to increase the sales of your business, to increase the number of contacts, to increase the general data base, to increase the unloading of lead magnet, to increase the number of request of budgets, etc.

Therefore, the CRO is based on how securing that increase in the conversion of objectives, for example, improving the speed of load of the Web, creating better calls to the action (CTA), creating a form with a design that hits more or reducing the size of the form (requesting less information), improving banner of lead magnet, making more visible in the menu or sidebar the option contact, installing webchat, etc.

As you can see, those can be tens of factors that they prevent to be securing your objectives you and having a bad conversion.

For that reason, it is fundamental to analyze thorough the situation to know what handle is necessary to drive, and to continue analyzing to be sure that the conducted battle is securing the awaited result.

Therefore, a strategy CRO is a method that requires continuity and rigor. The precise actions will not consider an optimization of the rate of conversion.

Then, which is the difference between €œchanging things€ or to develop a strategy CRO in a Web? The answer is the method.

One is a process of constant and measurable improvement to adapt our Web to the needs of the market, his tendencies and users.

A method based on tests that guarantees the correct operation of the implemented changes. 

5 advice to improve your rate of conversion (CRO)

He pays much attention to the movable version of your Web

It remembers that the movable version of your project must be perfectly optimized as far as photos, navigability, size, speed of load and usability.

For it is important to know your users well: How they are acceding to your webpage: by mobile or table computer?

If from this analysis it is that they contact more to you by mobile, you would have to testear things as:

- The speed of load
- The size and quality of the images
- The usability 
- The design Web responsive

It is possible, although little probable, that a Web receives all their traffic through desktop (table computer), then would not be necessary a method CRO to improve his movable version.

Methodology CRO is based on test formulas that guarantee the changes that set out. Experiments do not become. For that reason, the method and the changes are different according to the needs and objectives from the project.

You know already if your users look for more to you by mobile than by desktop?

You have prepared the movable version of your Web? On it can depend that your project improves the conversions.

Specific content for your pages with greater traffic

You know which are the pages of your Web that more traffic receive?

Then you know what thematic service or is the one that more sense of expectancy and wide-awake interest in your objective public.

A good advice would be to enrich of content that objective, offering to your usuary truly expert and differentiating solutions.

For it, magnets would be interesting to use lead (contained unballastable), with exclusive content. On the one hand, you increase your list of emails of users interested in the content who you offer, and by another one you generate the sale opportunity in these users.

Landing improves your pages

Landing pages or pages of sale is determining. Of his design and message it is going to depend that the users leave their data of contact or accede to your Web for more information, buys or hiring.

Therefore, pages purifies of distractions landing in which you offer your products or services.

It avoids that within them a confused content exists and eliminates superfluous connections other pages, menus and texts that cause that the reading is cargante or confused.

Taking action with your copys.

You are using methods of copywriting in the commercial messages of your Web or pages of sale? Of them it is going to depend that a user reads and Marche or is read and is interested.

Of a good Copy, creative and persuasive, it can depend that your Web turns more. To arrive at him is going to depend on the tests and the measurements that you do€¦

You are proving different commercial messages and analyzing its results? Otherwise, you can be losing many sales.

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Improvement of the design

Webs with very sparing designs exist that turn and others, that in spite of being fabulous, do not do it.

The design of a page, independent of the taste and the tendencies, must always respond to the usability and to the intention of the users.

If your objective is that the users request a budget to you, you must adapt your page to this objective generally, creating a form of structured good contact and, locating it in the part superior of the page.

It is possible that the changes of design worse are received by the users appellants of your Web, that will have to adapt to them. The new ones, nevertheless, will not have any problem with this.

Knowing that a user does not behave equal in your Web if is new appellant or, the strategies and the test of validation must be centered in the public at whom you want to arrive.

Coherence in the Web

Some Webs suffer to show their supplies, contents or services of a incoherent way. 
For example, to show in a page that offers a service of gardening a mounter course electrician or an event already concluded, is not good idea.

Therefore, each page must try, exclusively, the object for which was created. And no other.

Is coherent the content of your pages in your Web? The incoherence always produces distrust and, therefore, inaction.

Assure you that the content of your Web does not confuse your users!

Speed of load of your Web

Can the speed of load of your Web be affecting to your conversions? Very many more than you imagine.

In fact, a delay of 2 seconds in the load of a Web can by ricochet increase the rates (abandonment of the page) in a 100%.

It is possible that who they buy in your Web they stop doing it and who arrive new do not return to try to enter.

In order to know how long your Web in loading takes, you can use some of the following tools:

- Google Page Speed Insights
- GT Metrix
- PingDom

It proves your services and it analyzes

You could improve the experience of your users so that more comfortable, safe and outside fast?

It is important that you analyze each change that you want to implement, otherwise will not be worth for anything.

It tries to buy in your own Ecommerce, reads your texts, it analyzes the time of load of your Web, analyzes the commercial message of your landings€¦

If you have interest in fulfilling the commercial objectives of your business online, you do not doubt in starting up this method based on the effectiveness and the safe analysis: the CRO.

In Nature Digitalis we used this methodology to increase the conversions of our clients with proven facts.

We worked together in a strategy of Marketing 360º for your business?