CTR Through Click: the formula of the Quality Score of Google AdWords

Not always those that pay more by click in Google Adwords are first, the quality is important

In the last Google Academics I could listen: €œthe CTR (click through) or relation is not obsessed with clicks/impressions€. Much eye!
Today I bring a great approach to you to the formula that measures the quality level of an announcement in Google Adwords.

And to what extent it affects each factor at the quality level of an announcement:

QS: Quality Score. Quality level = 100%

CTR: Through click. Clicks relation/Impressions 40%

HKP: Historical Keyword Performance. Value of the CTR of a keyword from the day that was added calculated on the basis of the CTR of the same in last the 1000 impressions. 30%

RKA: Relevance of the keywords to the ad. It values the excellent thing that is the key words with respect to the text of the announcement. At the most the keyword within the announcement is repeated, better. 2 or 3 times he is the suitable thing. The insertion of dynamic titles within the announcements will help to obtain it you. 15%

CLP: Content and layout of the landing page. Content of the destiny page. The destiny page must deal with the subject the announcement and must contain the word or used key words. The time of load of the destiny page is most important. Lately this factor is being of great relevance. 10%

ORF: Other relevancy factors. Other factors exist that influence in this formula that Google has not made public. One suspects that one of them I could be the amount spent by the advertiser monthly and historically in all the account. 5%

Personally I have been able to verify that accounts with levels of investment over 1500‚¬ - 2000‚¬ monthly, that is those that we administered, obtain much more fast quality levels 10/10 that the accounts with levels of investment below 300‚¬.

The CTR yes matters and much. It affects remarkably at the quality level of the announcements, to the global yield of an account, and consequently to the cost of all the campaigns of the account. An announcement with a high CTR, always throws CPCs (Costs by Clicks) quite smaller than a low CTR.
He rejects all that one keyword that throws CTRs below 3%. He begins this way.
Super advice
Although Google insists on the opposite. It tries to agglutinate the campaigns of your clients under a same account of Adwords. This will remarkably increase your levels of investment in an account. In addition, all clients will benefit from all the improvements that you realise to optimize your campaigns since they will repel directly in the global one of your account.

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