Facebook: What is a Dark Post and why it is used?

If you on Facebook realise campaigns of professional Marketing, perhaps you know the possibility that have not published the advertisers to promote posts in the Feed de Noticias of the pages of fans: to this they are called Dark to him Posts.

What utility must promote post that never will appear in your page?

It has several utilities. As you already know, the variety of formats of announcements that offers Facebook is quite ample, from the announcements that appear inserted in the Feed de Noticias of the users, promoting publications, to the promotion of external page connections of the social network.

If beams Marketing habitually Online, you will know the great importance that it has to realise different types from announcement, with different contents but with a same intention: what habitually we called TEST A/B.

This does to determine what message and what format is more effective in our action of marketing, since those are the users that decide, with their interactions, which is the message that arrives to them more. In platforms as Google AdWords, the system already optimizes automatically showing it those announcements that better CTR (Click Through) obtains.

But, if you did this on Facebook, your page of fans would be filled with posts on the same content, creating a bad image in timeline. You would begin to publish post of test, one after another one, later to promote them and to see which is that better it works.

Well, because this is one of the utilities of the creation of the Dark Post: to publish content in the pages of fans with an intention different from the one from being seen by your users.

Another one of its utilities is the one to avoid the effect that we have commented previously when Facebook rejects an announcement to you. This is something very common when the image of the publication contains text and this it exceeds 20% the space of the image: Facebook accepts initially the promotion to you of the post, but soon after it warns that it has been rejected.

This so common rejection will force to you to create a new corrected publication, to publish it in your page of fans and to return to offer to Facebook the possibility to him of promoting it. Then it would happen just like before: in timelime of your page you would have two publications of similar characteristics, one after another one.

You always have left the possibility of eliminating the rejected one, but also you would eliminate any sign of commentary and interaction. From our experience, Facebook never has rejected us a Dark Post by excess of text.

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And€¦ How made is this? From where?

In order to realise this type of configurations, you will have to use the Multiple Publisher of campaigns of Facebook. Not only it will allow the creation you of multiple announcements much more fast that if it beams from the Control Panel online of Facebook Ads, but you will be able to segment very many more your objective public.

For example, you will be able to create a Dark Post associated to your page of fans that will not be in timeline of the page, only in the News Feed of the segmented objective public.

A segmentation example:

  • Users who accede from movable terminals.
  • That they are connected to a WiFi at this moment.
  • Sociodemographic: Sex, Age, Location, Marital status, I interest€¦
  • That they are not fans of your page.
  • And that in addition been has interested in some occasion in Food for Mascots, for example.

At this moment or it has more than 500 categories of segmentation and you have the possibility of creating Look Audiences, or public similar to a profile average previously defined, as the one of your own fans.

This is the great utility of the Facebook Graph call. What Facebook sold not long ago as a finder of people classified by interests is not another thing that a rifle with telescopic sight oriented to the Marketing, that, into the hands of an experienced sniper, is lethal.

And here it is where it is the ROI, the conversion and the dinerito: in aiming fine from the darkness. And that we have not entered the possibility of doing remarketing to these segments on Facebook, that can also!

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