How to distribute the contents online of your company?

The creation of quality contents and that contribute value to the users is one more of the more important tasks and action that you can carry out within the strategy of Marketing of Contents of your company.

Nevertheless, without a plan of distribution of those contents, little or anything it serves to you to generate them, because nobody is going them to consume.

In this article we want to teach the correct and effective way to you to take to end the distribution and promotion of the contents of your company, so that you hit to the greater number of potential users of your business.

First step: the creation of contents

The first step that you must give is to analyze what type of content is the one that you are going to create. It is very important that the content is compatible to your activity and that contributes value to your users.

In fact, that must be the main objective of a strategy of contents: to contribute to value to your users and readers.

Examples of types of content

  • To teach to excellent aspects of your products or services.
  • To educate them in the use and handling of the same.
  • To show the last new features of your sector.
  • To inform on the different events from the sector.
  • Etc.

Once you know clearly the type of content that you are going to create, it is necessary to happen to the following step, the one of the distribution, so that this content arrives at whatever more users better.

Strategies Marketing Companies

Forms of distribution and promotion of contents

Different forms and channels for the promotion from your contents exist. Each of them has some characteristic different:

  • Social networks. The social networks are one of the most important channels at the time of sharing the content. Following the format of the same (text, images, audio, video), we will share it in one or the other social network, or even in several of them. In order to secure the greater possible reach, you must have previously created one faithful community and of quality around your brand.
  • SEO. The positioning Web is another one of the most excellent forms to arrive at your public. To execute a good strategy SEO is not simple task, but once implemented, the traffic of visits that you can obtain towards your contents can be elevated (following the volume of searches that has each keyword). To be working it little by little can be very beneficial for your visibility in means and length term.
  • Email. The distribution of the contents via email can also contribute traffic enough to you. Here it depends directly on the data base which you have. And we talked about so much to the amount as to the quality. If accounts with a data base of 1,000 people but you have not worked it correctly nor you have obtained it adequately, it is possible that a small part really is only interested in opening your post office with the new content. However, a smaller but worked data base can suppose a rate of opening and much greater click, and turn better.
  • Phelp publicity. Facebook Ads is perhaps the best form to promote your new contents, being able to arrive at a new hearing of compatible users to whom to hit. It is the fastest route to obtain new visitors, compared to the positioning and the mailing.

The combination of all would be suitable, since each would attract a traffic of visits and users different, and your community of readers would be made more and more great.

The reputation of your brand also influences directly in the capacity of promotion and distribution of the contents. If your brand is well-known, other users who belong to your community of followers will share your content in their social networks, their webpages or his emails, amplifying the visibility towards the communities of other users. 

Why you generate content?

Before finishing, we want to make you reflect. You have thought really why you want to invest to time and resources in generating content of periodic form?

The content creation must be ligature to a strategy with an objective clearly.

It analyzes if creating those contents really you are fulfilling your objective or, on the contrary, other more effective actions exist to arrive at him. For it, it will be necessary that you consider all the strategies of Marketing 360º available in the market.

We worked together in a strategy of Marketing 360º for your business?