Email Marketing: E-mails that turn

The Email Marketing is one of the most efficient and profitable disciplines of digital marketing.

The 3 approaches of a strategy of Email Marketing are:

To provide Value

It informs, it communicates, it teaches, entret©n and it contributes value through email to your data base of users qualified and segmented by interests.

To increase your Sales

It is a direct communication channel, that uses everybody, and we took advantage of it to hit with products and services that satisfy their needs.

Fidelizar to your clients

Now that already you have been able to catch new clients, it is hour fidelizar them through discounts, promotions, samples of product, content of exclusive value, etc.

You want to send to campaigns of Email Marketing of success?

email marketing

Email Marketing of quality

In B-Cashing we took to end professional strategies of Email Marketing with the aim of which you catch new leads, you harness your sales and you generate income, as well as that you fidelices to your present clients through a direct route, personal and instantaneous as it is the e-mail.

Starting off of a data base of post office obtained of natural and voluntary form, we know that those contacts are valuable, because they have shown true interest by the product, service or information that are being in your webpage when leaving you its email.

This is the most important part: to have a quality and data base updated. If you do not have it, we can put the average ones to create it.

What differentiates in the Email Marketing to us

3 excellent data exist that define each campaign:

  • Rate of Delivery.
  • Rate of Opening.
  • Rate of Clicks.

In the 3 cases, the results of our campaigns demonstrate to percentage superiors to the stockings offered by the great platforms of Emailing, as MailChimp, MailRelay or GetResponse, in all the sectors and sizes of company. This we obtained it thanks to our technical outposts of segmentation of the objective public and to the structure of the generated content.

This is translated in more users than they open, they read and they interact with emails that we sent.

The objective of this action of Digital Marketing is to contribute to value by means of a combination of emails informative and promotional emails. This is what it really works if you want that it occurs to a conversion between users interested in your products and services to real clients who buy and/or contract to these products and services.

We realise different strategies from Emailing: Newsletter, Triggering, Automation Email, Retargeting Email€¦

Automation marketing

Automation Marketing consists of carrying out a series of action of marketing of automatic form based on the conduct developed by each user.

With the Email Automation Marketing we were able to offer to each individual the suitable product at the suitable moment and by a direct channel, and to contact customized and automatic with users who have become leads and which little by little they become clients of the business, through a route and a guided process that you yourself plans.

From B-Cashing we make your available our services of advanced Marketing and integration of platforms and capture of data by means of Emailing in the main CMS, as Wordpress, Magento, Joomla, Prestashop, etc.

Generally, the actions of Email Marketing are combined with other actions of Digital Marketing, as Marketing of Contents, Social Networks, Positioning SEO, Social Average Marketing€¦ Thus it is as we can capture the greater data base of quality.

We worked together in a strategy of Marketing 360º for your business?