Companies of disinfection of coronavirus: a new opportunity at the market

The hiring of services of disinfection against the COVID-19 is increased in a 40%

The demand of companies of disinfection in all the country due to the exceptional situation has gone off that has supposed the approval and recent prorogation until the 15 of April of 2020 of the alert status.

Spaces deprived public and demand measures of prevention and containment of coronavirus (Covid-19), through professionals who help to protect to their workers and users in the daily development of their activities.

The disinfection is key now to maintain the production and the activity, as much presents as future, of the public companies and institutions. A work that helps to avoid the contagions and that maintains covers the basic needs of the population, avoiding risks and contagions.

The services of disinfection, in addition to eliminating the virus, higienizan of microbes and bacteria facilities, machinery, transports deprived public and: meters, trains, trucks of provision or airplanes, necessary to be able to guarantee mobility and to nourish of basic sort and services to the population, prisoner in its homes almost in its totality.

The work of the professionals, between 5 or 10 according to the case, consists of nebulizar a mixture of water and disinfectant with the help of some equipment in drops among 10 and 25 microns, observing strict measures of hygiene and protection that include special suits of isolation, gloves, masks and equipment of aerosolisation.

The Ministry of Health recommends the cleaning and disinfection with the use of a solution of sodium hipoclorito that contains 1000 ppm of active chlorine (dilution 1:50 of a lye with concentration 40-50 gr/litro) in all the homes. However, the disinfection companies already are offering generating of ozone that eliminate the virus in tenth of second.

These solutions, along with other disinfectants as the lye, begin to be demanded not only by companies or Public Administration, but by individuals.

Increase of the work of until a 300%

The increase of the hiring has lifted the amount of work to a point in which some companies are needing to increase the temporary group of form to be able to cover all the demand.

The reason is obvious: clients of all type need services of professional disinfection to be able to continue with their work and to give support to the population: transports, shopping malls, electrical companies, headquarters of public, funeral institutions, buildings of offices, distributors of cars, great electrical companies, communications groups, chains of hamburgueser­as, restaurants and companies of fast food, airports, stations of train and meter, pharmacies or schools, in addition to particular houses where cases of people infected already of discharge have occurred.

Finally, coronavirus is pronounced there where there are people, where they live, where they work and, especially, in the sanitary scope. Nevertheless, the disinfection of zones common in open urbanizations, streets, places or spaces is home also to be developed, being in of the business of the disinfection a as necessary service as he is it now the toilet.

Marketing in Internet for disinfection companies

It generates visibility now and positions to you as a company of disinfection of confidence that eradicates coronavirus successfully or COVID -19.

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