Companies that bleed with Google AdWords

Histories not to sleep because of AdWords

Google AdWords is, probably, one of the best routes to secure fast conversions in Internet. Who we worked and we dominated the advertising platform of Google we know that it can be a source of success for great companies, and also for SMEs. Everything is question of many years of practice and experience, because to anybody it likes the scares.

Perhaps therefore, in Nature Digitalis we have received numerous clients who, for want of knowledge, were lost great amounts of money in AdWords. Following the size of the budget, we can speak of companies that have made a small bad investment, and of that nearly they go to ruin because of Google AdWords. In order to lie down to shake.

That AdWords is a very recommendable option for any company does not mean that you can be sent to the swimming pool without something of protection. By many keys that it includes in its sections of help, Google is a company that, as yours, wants to maximize its benefits. And that means to diminish yours.

AdWords is a very complex system. To Google it interests to him to sell the idea that any person can use it easily, and is truth: to form a campaign is very simple. Perhaps in sectors little competed, your budget not only serves to increase the invoicing of Google. But really you want to make money, you do not entrust yourself in its advice. There are resources of AdWords that, badly used, are not another thing that the bad ones of the story.

Leave me that it tells some histories you of terror of Google AdWords. Each has a villain and, unfortunately, a protagonist company.

The abominable ample agreement

Although it can seem startling, there is companies that invest thousands of Euros and they throw them to the trash. Why? Because they are very fans of the ample agreement. In case you do not fall right now in which it is, the agreements are forms to write your key words so that they include more or less exact terms.

In many manuals of help of AdWords, Google recommends the ample agreement. With her, the key words are included by which you want that they find the clients you, and other many more: variants, synonymous, but also meant totally different.

For example, if you have a garden article store and want to sell balance beams, sources and banks, I advance you that your announcement will leave to somebody looking for to him to make a transference or to contract financial services if you use €œbank€ in ample agreement. Very useful.

Segmentations macabras

In many occasions, when we campaign of AdWords, we want that our products or services are in some certain locations. This is not so important in a store online that it can distribute for all Spain, although always is necessary to have a strategic vision from where they are our consumers.

It has arrived to us more than a company than it was passing it really badly trying to optimize a campaign that, of entrance, badly was formed in the geographic segmentation. With a basic problem of this magnitude, it is difficult that your history with AdWords finishes well.

Luckily, and although Google has the options of location very hidden, is possible to teach your announcements to the people who are physically in the province of your business, and not that has visited it recently, looked for in Google, or mentioned of past. A trap of AdWords that devours many budgets.

Devices chupasangres

Finally, the story never to finish: every time there are more users in movable devices, mainly smartphones, but all the campaigns of AdWords do not work well in all the devices. We have received many requests to optimize campaigns that did not work because the budget was being devoured by the mobiles.

For example, if you decide to campaign of Display, you must know that usually they do not work well in apps movable. The accidental clicks are very common, because to the applications it interests to them, but are not qualified and you will have frightful visits bounces in your Web: that they cost to you money, and is not used for anything.


If you do not want to comprise of our histories of fear because of AdWords, we recommended to you that you put yourself in touch with us before initiating a campaign. And if you feel that you have lived or you are living a story on terror with Google, in Nature Digitalis we can solve it. Because yes: we obtain that all these cases were transformed into success campaigns.

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