How to raise a strategy of success contents

Within digital marketing, the content is the king

What is the marketing of contents?

The marketing of contents is a technique or strategy used in marketing that uses the creation and distribution of excellent content to attract objective public a business.

When we spoke of content we talked about to information that the user will receive by different channels and when we spoke of objective public we mean to potentials clients.

In Nature Digitalis we used the marketing of contents to give to presence and notoriety to the brand of our clients. For example, a company of reforms can speak on the different types from worktops that exist in the market while its catalogue through a blog, social networks or email publicizes, of periodic form, and to a public based on the interest by the decoration or the interior design.

However, the great question is: work does the marketing of contents? We go by parts so that you yourself you can give an answer at the end of the article.

How realised is a plan of contents?

The essential element of a plan of contents is the added value that offers to the user: Information useful and of quality, but recreational and also subtle; employee to create a bond with the user.

The development of this strategy requires, however, of a concientious previous analysis that makes it work as it must.

For it is important that you know very clearly some questions, among them, this DAFO:

- To what you dedicate yourself? , what you offer to your clients? , by means of what channels? If you dedicate yourself, for example, to the seasonal business of the toys, to campaign your outside season and being spoken on products that you do not work will be to make a bad management of this resource.

- Be done the same questions in relation to your competition: What offer? , how they offer it? , what channels use? , with what regularity they do it? To study to the competition is a necessary act of improvement. For it, you do not doubt in subscribing to his Newsletter, it tries to buy a product of his Ecommece, uses his tools, knows them, it learns his techniques and implements them in your business.

- In the same way, it is useful to have a certain idea of your situation in the market: which is the reputation of your company and your brand in the market? , what is expected of you?

plan of contents

Which is really your objective?

Sometimes, we were clients who do not know as they are the true objectives of its business, or knowing it, they want to arrive at an obviously impossible objective given its circumstances.

An example would be a store online with a good product, but without brand recognized in the market, that it looks for to sell more campaigning of Adwords in which it is going to compete with other powerful brands and very consolidated in the market.

In this case, he would be very advisable to create brand, to obtain traffic in the Ecommerce, to generate a community, to increase the visibility and to improve the reputation before happening to more aggressive strategies of sale. To do it the other way around could mean a capital effort, with a great cost, and poor men results; bad estartegia.

To this we talked about when tenth that is necessary to know well in what point is a business, how it is the competition and what expensive they have our potential clients.

The strategy to follow can be of short, half or long term, but with these clear questions it will give a safe result.Strategies Marketing Companies

Who is your objective public?

When tenth that there is to put face to our potential clients, we talked about exactly to that: to identify them as if we knew them personally.

A good strategy of contents must remember very to that goes directed. A very classic error is to think that the profile of perfect client you are you yourself; what is equivalent to think that you have mounted your business for you, which, a priori, does not seem very good idea.

Luckily, no longer it is necessary to let interviews on foot of street to know what they like to the users of a product or service. Now multiple tools exist that pick up the restlessness, suggestions and needs of the users of a concrete and trustworthy way.

For that reason, before sending content to the world, he is vital to create a profile of user of your products being done to you the following questions: what needs have? , what interests to him? , what likings or hobbies have? , which is its age, sex or cultural level? , how much it wins? , what brands it likes? , where it lives or in what places, social networks or forums I can find him?

With all this information in the hands you can begin to work your digital contents, to quarter them by categories inside and segmenting them in more and more specific pieces d the objectives of your strategy.

Once fact this, you will be able to offer the information with the suitable regularity, to use it as a connection to your products, to use supplies, discounts or promotions to attract public (lead nurturing) and, really, to create a necessity and a solution at the same time.

Definitively, the marketing of contents is a strategy that, in addition to attracting clients and fidelizar them, community creates surroundings to your brand.

contained strategy distribution

It segments the content and rep¡rtelo with intelligence

If you pay attention, whenever we spoke of a resource or action in marketing, we talked about to its consequent use.

To start up a marketing strategy is looked much like the purchase of technological equipment.

The following case imagines:

Somebody is going to buy a computer and it asks the employee the same computer to him that has seen him its neighbor without hardly knowing its characteristics, benefits or use. The employee can sell the product and forget to him the subject, or investigate in the real needs of that client: He will use It to work, to play or to see films? , With what regularity? Which is its budget? Also use will It you only or their children? Once well-known the reality of the client, a good salesman will offer the equipment that better adapts to its real conditions; he is the one of the neighbor, more modest other or another different product.

Then, digital marketing is exactly equal: one is not to do just like others to obtain just like they, one is to find the way more suitable than it approaches us the real objective and it moves away to us of the fantasy.

In the same way we have to build with our potential clients: Contacted Us when unloading has ebook gratuitous of our Web? , they have subscribed to our Newsletter? , they are clients whom already they have bought and we want to maintain informed into our catalogue? All are not at the same moment, reason why the content must be different for each from them.

What is the treatment of contents

The treatment of contents is a technique that consists of looking for, compiling, to leak and to reuse the information more excellent than we found in Internet (social networks, blogs, pages Webs, etc) on our business and objective public.

In other words, to select those digital contents that contribute value for our community and that are more in fashion for offering them as own.

This method can benefit much to our project:

1- On the one hand always we will be informed into the tendencies and new features of our business.
2- On the other, we will be able to inspire our contents of blog with fresh material
3- Consequently, our positioning, objectives and image name brand will improve enormously. 
4- Finally, the work of copywriter in charge is facilitated to write up the content of the blog and the weekly publication strategy.

Two of the best optimal tools to realise treatment of contents are Feedly and Buzzsumo; ideals for the blog marketing:

- With Freedly we will have a detail of daily publications of the Webs or blogs that interest to us more.
- With Buzzsumo, we will be able to follow and to know publications blog and influencers of most successful in the social networks.

treatment of contents

It measures, exhausted and power

Once fact all this, arrives moment to analyze what really it is giving turn out and to harness it, to reject what is not working and, perhaps, to prove new strategies with other types of public.

In this way, if your campaigns of Facebook Ads hardly do not have yield by an interest rate or public, you would have to stop them and to prove other segmentations. On the other hand, if a concrete article of your Newsletter has received special attention, perhaps then you would have to do more detailed other on the same thematic one€¦

To use + to verify + to fit: The formula of the progress.

Distribution of suitable contents in the average ones

You remember the example of the type who went to buy the computer? , because to the social networks the same happens. 
It is not necessary to be in all the platforms because yes, is either necessary to publish all our content in a formula of I resend fearless, not even to use all the tools of marketing that exist compulsively because others do it.

It is good makes use of all the possibilities that we have: Newsletters, ebooks, forms of subscription, blogs, etc€¦ But always measuring its results and implementing new forms of promotion of the content as, for example, through campaigns in social networks or platforms of mailing as Mailchimp or Sendinblue.
Therefore, and returning to the question that initiated this article: work does the marketing of contents? The answer is a full one YES.

We worked together in a strategy of Marketing 360º for your business?