Extension of Promotion in Google AdWords

In the new version of interface of Google Adwords we can find a new (available already a few months ago) denominated extension €œExtension of Promotion€.

The extension of promotion allows to incorporate next to the announcement at issue an extension that shows the existence of a promotion.

Like the rest of extensions, can be added concerning account, campaign or group of announcements.

Google Adwords offers the possibility of incorporating this extension to a predetermined excellent date as it can be New Year's Eve, the Valentine's Day, Easter, the Mother's Day or of the Father, the day of the Work, the day of San Esteban, the return to the school, Black Friday, the Ciberlunes, Halloween or Christmas.

In case the promotion does not correspond with one of these events, the option will be chosen Nothing.

Later it is necessary to select to the Language and the Currency with which it is wanted to associate the promotion.

As far as the promotion, it is possible to be chosen that it is applied:
  • Discount Monetary
  • Percentage of Discount
  • Until an amount of discount
  • Until a percentage of discount

Once selected one of the previous options, it is necessary to specify what article or service presents the promotion and to assign the final URL of destiny.

The promotion can be associated to orders superiors to an amount, the use of a promotional code or to no of these options (that is to say, that can be used without restriction).

Another one of the most interesting options of this extension is the possibility of assigning a date of home and conclusion of the promotion. Also to choose the days and the hours in which it will appear.

In case of choosing date of conclusion, once arrived the day, this extension will expire and more will not be sent.

Pursuit groups can be added that will be combined with the indicated final URL.

The extensions of Google Adwords serve to extend the most important information of products or services that we are announcing, at the same time as we were able to make our greater announcement, being able to increase the CTR of the announcements, being improved the quality of the announcements and reducing the space available for other advertisers.

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