Facebook Bot for Companies: It improves your Attention to the Client

You want to improve the attention to the client and to harness your sales of automated form? It uses bot of Facebook Messenger to communicate to you with your hearing.

What advantages have?

To implement a system of bots for Facebook Messenger will allow you:

To improve your Attention to the Client

You will be able to offer an intelligent support of attention to the client the 24 hours of the day, based on frequent questions, and to interact with the different users from the same chat from Facebook Messenger.

To increase the Qualified Traffic

It is possible to derive to the qualified users from Facebook towards your website, taking to each user to the most appropriate page to complete the process. And everything of automated and structured form.

To segment to your hearing

Your clients will be segmented themselves as they establish conversation with bot, that will be them redirigiendo to the information or service that agrees to them more. You will redistribute the traffic of automatic form.

To increase your Sales

You will be able to close new sales with users originating of Facebook and interested in your products and services thanks to this automatic system, that every day works the 24 hours of the year.

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What is a Bot de Facebook?

Facebook Bot is a new functionality of the social network Facebook that power the conversions of your business online of automatic form. By means of programmed and automated messages, you will generate conversation with the users through chat of Messenger.

Bot is the program that uses different technologies with the aim of automating tasks and, most important, to be able to interact of form programmed with the users.

How to use Facebook ChatBot?

So that the ChatBot Messenger de Facebook enters operation, the user previously has had to realise an interaction with your page of Facebook. Thus he is as he gives consent so that, of automatic form, bot interacts with him.

Of this form, this tool activates when it has the permission of the user, reason why is only little invasive.

For example, a user interacts with a publication organic or phelp of your Fan Page, leaving a commentary. Right away, the ChatBot activates and an automatic and customized message to the user via Messenger writes to him. These sequences and messages we created them previously.

Spent some minutes, we can form bot so that it returns to write to the user, being offered something of value or asking to him to him if it wants some information or gift.

If the answer is yes, Facebook Bot segments the user and filters a data base to provide the required information to him (through email campaigns marketing, for example).

If the answer is negative, bot also responds to him, forcing new answers on the part of the user with other questions and fomenting the conversation.

What can make the Social Bots?

  • The Social Bots allow to take to end different automated tasks:
  • Automatically to respond the frequent questions that you receive from form continued in your Fan Page.
  • To respond of customized form to the questions that the users have realised in your announcements of Facebook Ads.
  • To be combined with the chat support that you can have in your Webpage.
  • Redirigir the traffic of your page of fans of Facebook to your website.
  • To remarkably improve the rate of opening and click with respect to your campaigns of email marketing.
  • To give to support the 24 hours of the day.

To continue the contact generated in your site after the user has even closed the session.

Nature digitalis, specialists on Facebook Bot

In Nature Digitalis we are specialistic on Facebook Messenger Bot, offering to our clients the possibility of implanting this new system automated in its strategies of digital marketing outposts.

We combine different tools and strategies to harness the sales and conversions of our clients of the most optimal form, thanks to the marketing of automatization and to digital marketing.