What are the Chatbot de Facebook Messenger?

A Chatbot is a software that is able to automate tasks and of talking with the users thanks to the artificial intelligence.

The conversation takes place within Facebook Messenger, a tool used by million users anywhere in the world.

In fact, the users are million who count on the App de Messenger de Facebook installed in their movable terminals, and that use it on a daily basis.

For the brands, the possibility of arriving at the potential clients through a as personal channel as is the social network Facebook makes easier and less aggressive the interaction with them

Which are the benefits to use the Chatbots de Messenger?

To use the Chatbots de Messenger contributes to a series of benefits and advantages for the companies. For that reason, it is so important to integrate bots in the strategies of digital marketing. In particular, the benefits of the service of Facebook Bot are:

  • It offers one better attention to the client, through a channel that is direct and simultaneous.
  • Drift traffic and visits to your webpage, lies down online or App, using customized messages from Messenger.
  • It right away segments and it classifies to your users and potentials clients in lists.
  • It increases your sales.
  • When combining it with announcements Facebook Ads, it allows to give to support to your clients the 24 hours of the day.

How work does the Chatbot?

The Chatbot will enter operation after the user gives his permission. For it, it is necessary that the user leaves a commentary in some publication that you do in your Facebook (whether it is an organic publication as phelp, through Facebook Ads).

Once the user has left a commentary in the publication, bot of Messenger goes off and it sends a message to him to the user.

If the usuary one answers this message, a conversation begins in which bot responds of automatic form on the basis of some sequences that previously we have established.

Strategies Marketing Companies

The objective with chatbots is to guide and to draw up a way to the user so that finally it ends up doing what you want: to arrive at your webpage, to unload a document, to derive them to the page from a product in a store online, to buy a product, etc.

To greater conversation, it learns bot more, and more answers it can offer.

In order to remove the potential major to this tool, it is important to analyze previously what objective you want to reach and to draw up a route based on sequences, so that chatbot is able to derive the conversation to each from those sequences.

What can do social bots?

Social bots can carry out different automated tasks, eg:

  • To offer a support of attention to the client the 24 hours.
  • To respond the most frequent questions without the need that a person is doing it.
  • To personalize the answers on the basis of the needs of each user.
  • To serve as chat of support to the chat implemented in the webpage.
  • To direct traffic from Facebook to website.
  • To increase the rate of openings and click with respect to the campaigns of Email Marketing.

The tasks that chatbot can realise of automatic form, as well as the benefits are many that you can obtain. For this reason, from Nature Digitalis we recommended its integration to you in your strategy of Marketing 360º.

We worked together in a strategy of Marketing 360º for your business?