Facebook for companies: The publicity on Facebook.

I will not walk myself with roundups. Facebook is a social network formed by users and for the users; and where there is people, there is business. If that people more offer of voluntary form her personal data, her tastes and I interest, her habits and those of her friendly.
The publicity on Facebook is the dream of all publicist or strategist of marketing. There is nothing as knowing thorough the public to whom you go.
Far from the model of publicity developed under the concept of the Community Management, Facebook offers the opportunity to develop advertising strategies to us and of communication of great impact without concerning the number of fans that we have in a page.
I talk about to hit all the users of the social network or rather, to all that one with a high potential of purchase on our product without mattering if they are fans or they are not fans of our brand, the work of a Community Manager will come later, when the user knows that we existed.
The majority of the companies thinks that the publicity on Facebook consists of having a fan page and publishing something in her periodically, to even sponsor publications to obtain a greater reach between his fans.
From my point of view there are faster and effective forms so that the companies take advantage of the potential Facebook.

Fans and I only like are numbers.

personally, which really I like are individuals that buy my products. Certainly somebody will say that the sales are a consequence to have a great number of fans and thousands I like. In the majority of the cases that, is not thus.
We leave to a side all the created concepts surroundings to the social average, all that strategy and go to the strategy of marketing with sale objective.
We have to a few million perfectly segmented users, territorially, by age, sex, sexual condition, marital status, educative level, professional profile.
What data more offer Facebook to us on their users?
Its interests. On the basis of what and how it obtains Facebook these data?
On the basis of the conduct that we developed in its social network. On the basis of the pages that we followed, which perfectly are classified by subjects. On the basis of the publications that we shared, of what they speak, who publish them, with what regularity we were interested in a subject. This behavior generates a perfect sociodemographic profile of each individual. What gives more which is the name of each user. What he really interests to Facebook is, what type of users is.
This it is the great value that offers Facebook for the companies, Facebook Open Graph or Social Graph, that consists of a super data base that contains the social profile of each individual, the relations that it develops with other individuals and with the content that is published daily in the social network.
It is the perfect tool for the execution of strategies of marketing for any company on Facebook. Next I comment to you, what differentiates this channel from other marketing and mass media.
Capacity of segmentation
As I have already explained to you, the capacity of segmentation of our objective public is of high accuracy and update, resources that other means of great impact do not arrange. Somebody can be today unmarried and tomorrow, married. Facebook offers the state to us of the segment that we needed right away updated.
High availability of the objective public
Facebook is the social network in which the users spend more time. Surpassing to means of great hearing as the television. Ours target permanently is connected to the channel by which we transmitted.
Once hit our potential client, the possibility that exists this one can express its opinion on the product in the form of likes, commentaries even sharing the message becoming prescriber of the same.
Rapidity of implantation
The speed with that we can implant marketing action on Facebook is practically immediate. The times will more be employees of the creative capacity of the advertiser with respect to the times of production of the campaign.
This factor is due to try from a strictly professional point of view. I know infinity actions badly raised and badly executed that has not fulfilled the awaited objective. In these cases, the campaign left face to the brand. Creating a good planning and developing to a good execution of the campaign the results, they must very be satisfactory with costs below other means of great impact.
Immediacy of answer
The few hours to send an action of marketing on Facebook and having anticipated the suitable mechanisms of measurement, already we can know infinity metric about our action. For example; if we sent a campaign at national level we will be able to know in what leaves from the territory we obtain an answer of greater quality being able to concentrate our efforts and budget in the most sensible zones to our objective, optimizing the resources of campaign without having to hope to that this one finalizes.
Generally, the messages distributed in the social networks own a high index of viralidad due to the mechanisms that these provide the user so that with a single action of click, the message is redistributed exponentially to all the contacts of the user.
Set out the tremendous potential of communication that owns Facebook, shortly we will be able to verify how the social graph that now we used for our campaigns of marketing will evolve to a graph of interests that will help us to improve so much the experience of marketing of the user as the levels of conversion in sales.
Some advice not to fall in the temptation:
If you venture to you to use Facebook as marketing tool you must know that Facebook offers at least 3 views of the social network.
The user view. Facebook puts at the disposal of the users the tools of publication of contents that already we know, text, images, video, documents, etc. But in addition, Facebook offers to everybody being advertiser offering to the administrators of pages of Fans to sponsor publications so that these are seen by more users.
Still I do not know which has obtained good results using this advertising mechanism.
The view of the Comumnity Managers. With a more global vision of the social network and the communities of users, they take care to represent the brands in the social networks stimulating the bonds between clients, brands and products.
The view of Managers Marketing. Ours view is focused to the sale objective and for it complex Facebook makes our available tools to make effective the advertising actions. Into the hands of experts they are of an extreme effectiveness.

To secure good results on Facebook is not simple task, home because all product or service is not susceptible to be communicated in a social network. The product must fit in means. Although the social networks allow a high level of segmentation, the user does not behave just as when he realises a search in Google. Advertising dynamics is well different.
I put an example to them: We want to sell €œFish with Legs€. It is a product that by novel does not look for in a finder, therefore turns out complex to offer it as answer to the search of a user.
Nevertheless if our €œFish with Legs€ are a product oriented to youngest, a social network can be the suitable channel.

The information are not few that demonstrate returns of the investment (ROI) over the 150% in sales

This is what we want. Our clients look for tangible results and the only form to turn the good intentions and their investments into marketing is to turn them into sales.
To do branding is well, but to sell is better.

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