5 Factors Key for Dise±o of your Webpage

To design a webpage is not simple. In addition to the necessary knowledge as far as graphical design, in many occasions it is not enough with adapting groups, because a development is necessary Web that goes further on and includes different funcionalidadades.

We know that the webpage is one of the parts more representative than you are as company but, in many occasions, that make the decisions exceeds what must go or about them they do not only think about maintaining his corporative message, its visual identity, and its supply of products or services.

This, as you see, is not bad, but it is not sufficient.

Five factors exist nails at the time of designing a webpage, and all do not have to do with the design from a strict point of view. In fact, the design of websites is very related to the development of your enterprise strategy.

1. The design must fulfill an intention clearly

The intention to fulfill and the problem to solve must be the center of your design.

It is important to establish why it is designed and why, and to obtain a benefit in this way.

It analyzes what you want to obtain with your webpage and each page at issue: pick up of emails, unloadings, telephone request of budget, calls, visualization of a video, etc.

Once you establish the intention, the design of your page must be oriented to that the user conducts that concrete battle.

2. The design must be useful, not only beautiful and attractive

A design that is beautiful and attractive is not synonymous of useful nor as which it serves to reach the objective.

In many cases, the clients solicit to have a specific and modern design for their webpage, that realises a series of outlandish effects, united to a very cutting edge design.

Does This type of design fulfill a clear intention that he allows the attainment of the objective? Or simply it is a decision taken in personal tastes and tendencies of the moment?

He remembers that the webpage is a tool that it must be of utility!

3. The design is a communication tool

It is necessary to use the design as a communication tool, that helps to tell a history us and to reach the noticeable objective.

The design comprises of a complete strategy of Marketing 360º!

An optimized design allows:

  • To obtain a better positioning in Google; for example, improving the times of load (WPO).
  • To increase the Quality Score of a campaign of AdWords, when the landing page well is structured and it is adapted correctly to the campaign of Google Ads.
  • To give him to more protagonism to texts and Copy, harnessing the Marketing of Contents.
  • To turn and to generate more sales more.
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4. The design contains several parts

When we spoke of design, we make reference to different elements, eg:

  • Menus.
  • Copy or texts.
  • Forms.
  • Images and videos.
  • CTAs or calls to the action.
  • Speed of load.

Therefore, the design is not only a graphical question, if not that makes reference to all the visual part.

5. The design must provide a good experience (UX+UI)

The experience of user, or UX, makes reference to which perceives or what it feels the user when interacts with a product or service, in this case, when it interacts with your webpage.

That is to say, UX measures how a user feels when he is in your page, and is closely ligature to the attainment (or not) of the objectives.

On the other hand, the user interface (UI) concentrates in the visual part and the design. They are the different elements that allow that the user interacts in your Web.

The different elements that take part in the user interface (UI) are:

  • Design of the interaction: what is what each one of the different elements from the Web do when is interacted with them.
  • Design of the different visual elements: it sweeps lateral or to sidebar, forms, icons, bellboys and calls to the action, images, etc.
  • Used typography.
  • Trowel of colors used.
  • Etc.

In summary, a combination of a correct experience of the user in your webpage with an attractive user interface is the key to secure to more conversions and sales.

For that reason, it is very important (or almost most important) than, when designing a Web, the idea that must sell is always present. And to obtain it, good is to count on equipment as ours, specialized in Marketing 360º, and that obtains that the webpages not only are attractive, but turns and generates clients.

We worked together in a strategy of Marketing 360º for your business?