Formation In Company adapted to your company

You need to form to your equipment in digital marketing? We adapt the formation to the present needs of your company

In Nature Digitalis we raised the formation in-company associate to the situation and needs of each company, in which to marketing one talks about.

From briefing or one first session speaking with you, we identified the needs that your business has and consequently, we offer the applied knowledge to you to concrete scenes by virtue of the initial level of the equipment of your company.

We go to your company to teach to you exactly what you need to know how in the matter of marketing to be able to reach your objectives. 

How it is our actual formation in your company?


We analyze which are your real and present needs and on the basis of them, we planned our formation with the intention of teaching to you exactly what your business needs to secure the noticeable objectives.


The theory is important, but the practice is it more. It learns truly how you must conduct the battles of digital marketing that needs your business.

Oriented to results

Don't mention it serves that you learn to make a thing if soon you do not execute it and you take it to the action. For this reason, our formation is oriented to that you secure the results that you look for: visibility, leads, sales€¦

You want to learn to manage the digital marketing of your company?

service of formation in company

Areas of the digital marketing in which we distributed formation in Company

We make possible the formation in different areas from digital marketing:

Analytical Web

  • We taught to you how to focus you in the really important data
  • Definition of intentions. Objectives and micro-objectives (KPIs). Configuration.
  • Segmentation of the traffic
  • Identification of your Buyer-Person
  • Decision making of marketing based on the metric ones
  • Viability and practicidad of the solutions
  • Google Dates Studio. Creation of technician, command cadres and of company.
  • Connectivity between sources of data. Google Analitycs, Google ADS, Facebook, etc.

SEM campaigns (Search Engine Marketing) Google Ecosystem

  • Implantation of campaigns in Google ADS
  • Google PREMIUM Programmatic means Search, Display, Youtube, Publicity.
  • Analysis of needs and application of the suitable channel
  • Creation and design of announcements. Technical outposts.
  • Policies of advertisers
  • Monitoring and optimization of campaigns. Use of rules and automatization of campaigns
  • Configuration of conversions
  • Connectivity
  • Protection of Adwords accounts. Clicks fraudulent, Baneo de IPs/MACs
  • Analysis of the actions

Facebook Ads, Instagram and Whatsapp (beta)

  • Implantation of campaigns
  • Analysis of needs and application of the suitable channel
  • Creation and design of announcements. Technical outposts.
  • Policies of advertisers
  • Configuration of conversions
  • Monitoring and optimization of campaigns.
  • Connectivity
  • Analysis of the actions

Marketing of Contents and Automation Marketing

  • Blogging
  • Distribution of contents
  • Emailing and Marketing de Automatizaci³n
  • Design of emails
  • Techniques of capture of leads
  • Design of workflows
  • Connectivity
  • Analysis of the actions

SEO (Optimization Search Engine)

  • Environmental analysis of competitors
  • Analysis of the resources available
  • Viability and practicidad of the solutions, in time and resources.
  • SEO On-Page
  • SEO Off-Page. Link building
  • Technical SEO
  • Analysis of the actions

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) Especially indicated for e-commerce

  • Analytical Web. Knowledge of tools of analytical, configuration and use.
  • Usability
  • Identification of flows of traffic, objectives and micro-objectives
  • Techniques of sale applied on-page, promotion and pricing
  • Analysis of the actions

We worked together in a strategy of Marketing 360º for your business?