Strategies for the Generation of Leads Qualified

One of the main objectives of digital marketing is the generation of leads or contacts. And lead is not worth any, but this it must be qualified for your company.

This what means? That the person who leaves her data you must be really interested in you, as much in which you say as in which beams, because thus you will only be able to turn lead into real client.

Marketing of Contents for the qualified generation of leads

In order to obtain lead, first you must catch the attention of the users by means of contents that you are generating and that are of interest (for them, not for you).

This content will serve you to attract traffic towards your website, when distributing it of different ways: shared in the different social networks, through positioning in Google of articles, or by means of campaigns on Facebook Ads.

The pick up of this public is an important piece for the objective of the generation of leads, although it is not necessary that the segmentation is so strict in this phase.

Once you are generating traffic towards your articles, you must identify those users who visit to you as €œqualified€. The best form to do is offering it to them an exclusive content, that contributes to a great value and utility to them, and that is only available under unloading in exchange for its data (name, email and telephone).

Exclusive contents: the Lead Magnet

This exclusive content is known as Lead Magnet. It is the key piece that will serve you to be able to transform to the users of your website into your potential clients. How you know it? Because one is a directed content a very concrete public, who needs a solution to his problem, and that you have. Bingo!

When the user receives the value content that solves a problem to him happens two things.

On the one hand, the user has to your considered good company, because you have helped him free of charge. On the other, you already own the most important data of the user, to continue working the process to turn it into client being used other strategies and channels of marketing, as she can be the Email Marketing, remarketing in Google AdWords, etc.

Strategies Marketing Companies

Therefore, the segmentation of the user in marketing is extremely important for the effective generation of leads. You must direct you to those people (still not known) who comprise of your buyer person and offering that content to them of great value free to collect their data.

The best form to segment the public (and most effective) is creating a content related to a very concrete subject that it serves Rep to identify itself to target (it is what is called Strategic Marketing of Contents), because the fact that unloads it reflected a necessity.

Also you can on Facebook obtain it by means of campaigns Ads, or even of Facebook Lead Ads, that directly obtains lead when promoting the Lead Magnet in the own social network.

The more segmented he is the public to whom you go, the more opportunities you will have to turn them into clients.

In order to secure this segmentation, he is advisable to count on all a strategy of Digital Marketing 360º, that considers all the particularitities and variables that affect to your business in particular.

We worked together in a strategy of Marketing 360º for your business?