Specialistic Hosting ASP.NET in hosting Web and development in ASP.net de Microsoft

ASP (Pages Active Server) is the pioneering technology considered as best framework to create and to execute dynamic webpages and applications Web.

Developed by Microsoft on the Common Language Runtime, framework by means of code evolves throughout time in ASP.NET using anyone of the languages admitted by the open and gratuitous .NET in which they are combined HTML, scripts and other components of the servant that allow to create dynamic and very powerful solutions for the pages or applications Web of individuals or companies. 

ASP.NET is the perfect technology to create new applications and webpages for all type of devices

ASP.NET offers without a doubt, the best condition to size create and to execute the dynamic pages and applications Web that is connected to a data base SQL Server.

The ASP.NET pages are the main axis in which it is based the construction and development of the professional applications Web. It constitutes one of the development systems specialized with more functionalities, easy to implement and with some very high quality levels thanks to his productive framework with a good compatibility with XML, as well as its complete control of yield, logs, etc.
Its system of compilation is very fast, detecting the changes automatically and storing its compiled results already that facilitate a fast access to the successive requests of data.
A technology that works parallel to the servant, gathering the document requests ASP realised by the user, executing the instructions of programming and sending to the navigator resulting codes HTML, maintaining therefore the maximum security on the code of the developers.

Applications .NET can be executed of two forms in the servers:
  • In applications of the client with the servant by means of some feasible compiled that act with the user interface.
  • In applications for the navigators Web, developed with a very complete interface that can integrate different technologies as the HTML, script, jquery, etc and with great variety of controls Web that harness a high functionality that resists with the diminution of the size of the code, that is to say a more efficient code.

The Internet servers who manage the webpages and applications in ASP.NET have as operating system Windows

Hosting ASP.NET is the denomination that has the lodging of these archives in hard disks of the connected servers to Internet the 24 hours of the day, allowing its visibility and its constant use. These servers organize their space lodging several Websites or Web different Sites but assigning IPs to them, so that they share the hard disk but its access is of separated form. It is shared and also economic the Hosting call since he noticeably diminishes the costs of maintenance of the servers unlike dedicated the Hosting call whose servant also externalizado and is connected to Internet the 24 hours with an exclusive rent in which the client only publishes his own Websites and applications and everything what she wants to store but with a greater cost.

The advantages to own hosting asp.net are many and very varied:
  • Hosting in data bases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS Access, and MSSQL.
  • Servers Windows of high availability.
  • As everything hosting implies the obtaining of an own domain with mailboxes of mail of limitless size. The access to the mailboxes can be realised by means of protocols POP3 or IMAP4, both available ones for any program of e-mail management. In addition, the mailboxes can also be used from any computer, via WebMail, by means of the use of the habitual navigators.
  • Personalizables Control Panels.
  • Services of statistics of access URCHIN.

The best tool for the creation and development professional Web is technology ASP.NET

ASP.NET hosting

Because the majority of developer prefers ASP.NET against the PHP?

  • For the developers it has a special importance, the disintegration of the files of the user interface and the code, the call code-behind that facilitates the programming of applications in multiple layers and grants ease of use and maintenance as well as a comfortable access to the changes in the application.
  • The compilation of pages ASP.NET allows the increase of the speed of answer of the servers, which is translated in a greater satisfaction of the user as far as execution, visibility and security of the webpages. In addition to remarkably benefitting to the positioning Web due to the short response times.
  • The development structure changes through the introduction of the MasterPages, that leaves to a side the use of the discomforts frames and the new inclusion of folders specialized as app_code which they automatically compile the classes that keep.
  • It has special importance that the development of pages in ASP.NET allows the storage in the cache of the servant, from whole websites to variables, which reduces the consumption of resources in projects of greater spread. The special archives of Web.Config configuration help to the developer in the configuration of files from the own computer without needing using the servant.

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