How to make a Landing Page for mobiles

 He is well simple. To only it has had been 2 minutes me.

For this process I have used the platform of creation of contents that Wisphere puts at the disposal of its users. Habitually Wisphere is used for the accomplishment of WiFi Marketing allowing to inject contents managed in the gratuitous WiFi connections of that offer them.

But in addition from the manager to contents of this platform we can create a Landing compatible Page with any mobile phone or tablet. Once created this content, the platform generates a URL automatically to us which we will be able to use there where we want and in addition free.

I explain the process to you:

1) We accede to eyelash €œWhat I need€

2) We make click in anyone of the connections €œWisphere Manager€

3) Once we have acceded to Wisphere Manager we registered ourselves as new user.

4) The platform will send an email to us of confirmation for e-mail account.

5) Now only it is left us loguearnos and to accede free to the platform of creation of contents.

6) We enter the eyelash €œContained€ and in less than a minute we will have created a Landing Page for mobiles with a unique URL which we will be able to use so we want.

This URL which appears on the foot of the content which we have created perfectly sees in any mobile or tablet, operating system Android or IOS of Apple.

We can do a code to us QR with her for the accomplishment of campaigns Signage Digitalis, distribute it in social networks, even send it by email electronic and to even use it in campaigns Google Adwords, Display, Youtube, Admob€¦

We do not forget that more of 30% of the Spain users they are acceding to the contents Web from movable devices.


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