Lead Magnet: What is and why it needs it your company?

The Lead Magnet are a powerful tool of pick up of registries or leads.

A Lead Magnet is a content, of any type, that you offer to your potential clients in exchange for its data.

When you start up a strategy of Digital Marketing for your business, there are three questions that are essential to begin, and no of them is €œhow to sell, at least,€ at the outset:

  • Where I am going to take to my clients? Here you will have to think about a webpage, a blog, a page in social networks€¦
  • How I am going to obtain traffic? Strategies oriented exist very to increase the number of people who visit that Web, blog or page.
  • Finally, how I am going to catch registries or leads? That is to say, how to obtain users who give their data to me through a form and who, consequently, enlarge the data base of my business?

To obtain leads is very important to be able to work on a data base of potential interested clients, and the Lead Magnet are ideal for this objective.

When a person leaves her data, although she is to accede to an exclusive content or to unload a document, is demonstrating a great interest by your business. It demonstrates that it has not finished in your page by chance, that has not been mistaken when clicar in an announcement and that understands or what products or services you offer or, at least, it has a quite right idea.

With the Lead Magnets, to secure data of potential clients he is relatively simple: when offering something in return, the user feels more motivated to leave its name, its email and perhaps some data more.

He is more effective than, for example, to ask that they subscribe to a Newsletter because, although with her we offer contents, the user does not know what is going to receive, with what frequency or if you are going to him to send interesting content.

A Lead tangibiliza and specific Magnet what is going to obtain in exchange for its data. And that proposal, is transparent and reasonable, she is very powerful.

The importance of generating value content

By all means, to qualify well to the user you must offer contents that have value for your potential clients. It is the only form to assure to you that is leaving its data corresponds with the profile which you are looking for to sell your products or services.

The Lead Magnet must, therefore, contribute a great value to the users, to be gratuitous, exclusive and to solve a necessity or problem that you know that it has your objective public.

You can try to make specific your Lead Magnet following these you rule:

  • It analyzes your objective public. He is advisable that you investigate on the habits of your potential clients, what problems are put under at the time day and which are their needs and demands. Thus you will only be able to give answer to his desires.
  • It detachhes to the characteristics of your product or service. It tries to detail what qualities do to you different with respect to the competition. Ask to you how you are going to help the client and why your content must unload.
  • A message elaborates that it urges to unload your content. The last step is to spread your Lead Magnet through a clear and concise message. You must summarize briefly why your content goes to help to solve a certain problem. It tries to introduce a call to the action or CTA (Call To Action) that it urges the unloading.
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Ideas to create a Lead Magnet

First of all, you will have to think about those contents that totally are related to your brand and that can be to him interesting to your potential clients.

One is not to obtain subscribers yes because, but to secure the data of which really they can buy. For that reason it is so important that the Lead Magnet is in line with your products and services.

It doesn't happen what contents to you to elaborate? We give some ideas you:

  • E-book. A book in digital format that deals with a subject related to the needs of your target. If you are not safe of which they are the subjects of interest in your sector, a look throws to magazines or blogs of experts. Certainly they will give some tracks you!
  • Manual or Guides in pdf. It investigates what doubts or problems can have your target and offers a manual or a guide to him in pdf or epub that solves them.
  • Editable group. It gives to your reader a group that it only must fill up to make well some task related to his possible work.
  • Checklist. You can use this resource if you have thought about a very long guide. Of this form, the user will have a general and very fast view of any problem.
  • Supply of your product or service. It offers some type of discount or irresistible and exclusive promotion or a gratuitous test of your product or service that is only accessible by means of a registry.
  • Tutorial or course online. You can make a tutorial or a small thematic course with the main one of your brand and free offer it to your potential clients in exchange for his subscription.

Magnet aligned to your business creates lead

As last advice, it remembers: the Lead Magnet must be a form of which the users relate content of quality and solutions to their problems to you and with your brand.

Therefore, it is very important that the design that you use for your Lead Magnet is recognizable by your hearing, that is coherent with the rest of your Web, that includes your logo€¦

And, in addition to a visual question, they ten in mind which is the language and the tone of voice that usually you use for your commercial messages, and assures to you that the Lead Magnet follows that same one rules.

After all, one is to surprise the potential client with an impeccable content. All sum to attract your public, to help to increase the confidence and to obtain subscribers of better quality.

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