LinkedIn for Companies: How to promote your business in this network?

You want to know what can contribute LinkedIn to your Company?

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a global center of businesses. We like much to compare main the social networks with spaces of life real, because that help to the people to behave differently in each network and to understand of funny way sociology of the main social networks.

Thus, Facebook would be the patio of neighbors, near and well-known, where there are lain down sheets and always they smell of tortilla the French. Twitter would be the present time, rabid and direct, of the news counted by its protagonists. Pinterest would come to be a great shopping mall of full showcases of color and environmental music. And Google would be the Empire, omnipresent and with a very disquieting dark side.

In this map, LinkedIn is a center of businesses, one of those spaces of congresses that smell of hotel, have neutral colors, and where the minimalism, the smooth and straight functionality on the design and surfaces prevail. Of course, LinkedIn is not a space for the diversion: it is a space to make businesses.

LinkedIn is based on the theory of the six degrees, where it settles down that all the people of this world we are connected through others up to six degrees of distance. For example: you know somebody (contact of first degree), that knows somebody as well (secondly degree), that knows somebody as well (third degree) and so on, until the sixth degree.

LinkedIn allows to realise contacts until the third party, although the true potential of this social network is in the second degree: the friendly of your friendly, the recommendation of all the life.

How it is necessary to behave in LinkedIn?

Very simple. In LinkedIn you would have to behave just as you behave when you go to a business meeting or an event in a center of congresses: arranged to leave the maximum possible amount of cards, to make beneficial businesses and of making contact professional that allows you to enlarge and to improve your company.

The protocol in the forms is fundamental: you do not behave nor you speak just as in the neighbor patio. You must have education, concretion and objectives defined before going to that meeting.

To put it another way: Why you go to tal o cual meeting? Why you want to use LinkedIn? If you do not know the answer, you enter neither one nor another one. You will waste the time.

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What are do the pages of company of LinkedIn and why serve?

The people create profiles in LinkedIn that represent to them as professionals. And then, through those professional profiles, they can create pages of company in LinkedIn.

The difference between a profile and a page is that in the profile you speak as professional and in the page you speak as brand or product. That is to say: the pages of company of LinkedIn are the representation of your brand and your products in this social network.

Why they serve the pages as company of LinkedIn?

  • In order to present your brand and the different products that offer in the market.
  • In order to generate credibility and solution.
  • In order to take advantage of your network employees as prescribers.
  • In order to differentiate to you from the competition.
  • So that they find you as supplier of services.
  • In order to give a compact image name brand.

Types of page of company in LinkedIn

There are two types of page of company in LinkedIn: page of company and product page.

  • Page of company. It represents your company. It reflects your brand, its prestige and its weight in his sector. It acts a as of image than of sale. In marketing, the company page is the one that we would call page of branding, and it would correspond with the general webpage of the company.
  • Product page. It represents the products that your brand sells. When you want to sell, you do not sell your brand, you sell something to anybody. A product page shows to the product or concrete service that you offer, and you must direct it to a determined objective public. Therefore, you must more on sale orient it than to prestige, with a language and action that they urge the purchase. And, by all means, to write up your products or services using the key words with which your clients look for in Google the solution their problems or yearnings.

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