How to maintain contentments and satisfied your clients

To take care of the relations with your clients is the base of the success of your business.

To take care of the relations with your clients is a fundamental activity in the success of a business. 

To obtain requires it of the elaboration and development of loyalty strategies that optimize these clients.

In this way, its level of satisfaction will finish more being than adapted.

To generate new clients is going to be always more expensive than to maintain those that already are had. It is by that we want to give some advice you in this sense:

It generates value through content

One is to maintain a contact flowed with your clients who them report and contributes value to them.

To write to write or to do it on subjects that they do not have no interest for your objective public is a loss of time.

  • It creates your content around a defined strategy and an objective.
For it you can use a strategy of contents your blog and to implement digital tools as the Email Marketing to be made it arrive at your data base of clients.

When we spoke of formation we talked about to being didactic and eloquent, explaining suitably how our company, our products or our services work.

Again we return to the important data to contribute value with the content. Something that they will be thankful because you will make them gain time and yield. Something that you will be able to use to generate new clients.

As a example, it imagines that you sell cameras: you could create content showing the most important characteristics of a camera, to realise a tutorial video that teaches to the clients its more important functionalities, extras or characteristics.

It thinks, for example, in a company that sells musical instruments or plugin of sounds for musicians. It would seem to You a good idea that made tutorial with those sounds and instruments, explaining its uses and excellence, so that you could know, exactly, which you are going to buy? Then to that we talked about€¦

  • In addition to training your clients, with the content marketing also you will be able to inform them.

To offer obsolete or out of date information is one of the greatest failures in those than it is possible to be incurred.

On the contrary, to inform into each change, update or newness in relation to your business is the best one of the ideas.

Information in its blog imagines to an office of lawyers giving on revoked or modified laws€¦ it could be demolishing you do not create? It is by that to offer up-to-date data in time is one of the potenciadores name brand more forts than they exist: a center that will generate new clients who will resort because, as you see, you are helping them.

  • The marketing of contents also allows you to entertain your clients.

To contribute value to a client is also to entertain to him and to amuse to him (events, advice, contests, gifts, riddles and a long list of others).

In addition, using the Email Marketing for these cases, you will maintain the pulse with your clients and your brand will remain more time in its memory.

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It offers an attention immediate to your client

The studies reveal that what more evaluates the clients to day of today, in any service, is the attention.

Of a good attention to the client it is going to derive his total satisfaction.

It is possible that in other times he was more complex to give with an attention that could work to all hours (the 24 hours, 7 days to the week) without having a person behind. Now, it is possible thanks to the Chatbots.

What are the Chatbots?

One is a conceived program with artificial intelligence that is able to give programmed answers of automatic form at any time.

For it, it is enough with programming the most common questions (FAQ) of your users along with his answers. For example: schedules, forms of payment, characteristics, requirements or basic functionalities of a service or product.

This system offers multiple benefits. First, an instantaneous and permanent communication that solves doubts at any moment. And secondly, you contribute solutions when the user needs them.

Therefore, the social Chatbots, networks, WhatsApp or the telephone, are channels that you can offer to your potential clients so that they accede to your services of a comfortable way. Once within the sale mechanism, they will be able to follow the way towards the purchase without losing themselves nor confusing at no moment.

It takes a pursuit of the contact.

Feedback with the client is determining.

To know what it has seemed him the purchase and the experience in your Web; to know if it has been to him easy or it has had some disadvantage; to know if their doubts have been solved by your equipment or no; or to know why half the commercial information that arrived to him it took to him until your business.

To know this information is determining.

Of a good pursuit (something that also is due to do through the analytical Web) you will be able to form or to readapt your global strategy.

On the other hand, to be interested in a client after a sale is, and will be always, an exercise of style, education and excellence that will value enormously for their following orders.

It offers to your client which really needs.

One has always shelp that to the opportunity they paint it bald spot€¦

You do not digress; it offers to your client which needs at every concrete moment.

If you limit yourself to sell products or services, always in the same way, without understanding which is the true necessity of your client, in what moment of the sale is or what it needs to hear to make the decision that delays of him, you are not going to advance in your commercial strategy.

And again, concepts as the empathy, the opportunity, the generation of useful content and the proximity. 

The objective, therefore, is to satisfy the needs with your clients of a way that generates more sales, more clients and more loyalty.

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