What is a social marker

A social marker is a social means type that serves to keep, to classify and to share connections in Internet.

He is very frequent to be sailing in Internet and to find pages that, by the thematic content and which they have, they are to us especially interesting, and that interests to us to keep for or continuing later with its reading by not being able to complete it at that precise moment, or by the necessity to be able to consult it other times at another moment of the time.

The social markers allow to organize the pages, resources and connections kept on the basis of categories or labels. Of this form, he is simpler to locate the pages once stored.

Another very important characteristic of the social markers is the possibility of sharing with other users those kept pages and of being able to resort to other sources and networks that other users have stored categorising and labeling, being based on commentaries and votings and, therefore, providing a greater credibility to the stored pages.

Main social markers

The main social markers are:

  • Wag to me
  • Disclose to me
  • Digg
  • Stumbleupon
  • Reddit
  • Delicious
  • To memorise to me
  • Enchilame
Strategies Marketing Companies

The repercussion in the SEO of the social markers

The social markers contribute to the positioning Web.

When we wrote a new article or we published a new page, we can share it in the social markers, categorising it and labeling it of optimized and strategic form. This new page will be published right away between all the users who are subscribed to that social marker, category and labels.

This type of strategy supposes that many more users can have access to the new page or article, accede to him and they can share it and, better still, connect, being created linkbuilding natural.

Linkbuilding continues being a very excellent factor in the positioning SEO, and still more if it takes place of natural form, from other articles or pages of the same thematic one, in which is spoken of the same subject.

At present don't mention it serves to create artificial connections from pages that nothing they have to do with our Web or article at issue, or from directories.

Google is much more demanding and awards to the pages that receive quality connections, that is to say, which they come from pages with authority, which they treat the same thematic one and that have connected of natural form our Web, understanding that of this form much more it contributes value to the user, who sees extended the information from a page another one.

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