Automation marketing: the Intelligent Publicity

Automation Marketing is an intelligent form and needs to make marketing online

The automatization marketing consists of taking to end a series of action of marketing of automatic form, based on the conduct developed by a user in Internet.

Of this form, one is able to offer to each individual the suitable product at the suitable moment and by its favourite channel.

How work does the Marketing of Automatization?

The starting point if you want to take to end this strategy of marketing is to obtain the e-mail of the user, its phone number, a cookie in its navigator, or any other data that identifies it of unique form, with the purpose of registering it in your unlimited hosting data base.

But to obtain this identity data it will be necessary to offer to the user a reward to him that contributes the sufficient value to him as interchanging it by one of its identifying data.

As you see, this technique is very ligature to the Inbound Marketing, that consists of catching qualified users towards your website through different channels providing useful information, knowledge and value to the user.

Once the user has landed in your webpage, either he is thanks to the positioning in Google (SEO), or by the distribution in some social network or by means of some announcement online, is important that you transform that visit into a data that identifies it, for example, obtaining his email.

If you carry out this action with all the visitors of your site, you will be able to generate an important data base.

How to purify the data base?

However, to have a data base is very important, but as little it serves to you if it is not a data base of quality users. When we spoke of €œquality users€, we make reference to those people who have demonstrated to a manifest interest in some of your contents or products and that, due to this, is potential clients for you.

That is to say, one is to compile a data base of your buyer compatible person, or users to which your brand offers.

In order to know if your data base is of quality and to know in what point regarding the purchase (service life of the user) are the users, it is important to grant a score to them.

This score receives the name of lead scoring, and you obtain it from automatic form, on the basis of the conduct and attitude developed by the user before your product, thanks to the use of automatization tools.

Strategies Marketing Companies

With your user and data base already purified classified by interest degrees, you have the great opportunity to continue offering to them contained of quality and a customized product to each one of the users, and always of automatic form (lead nurturing), without needing spending personal time nor in this aspect.

Of this form, the user will receive a chain of emails or different messages based on his interests and of the moment at which he is in the cycle of purchase, with the aim of which you turn lead cold into a client preparation for the purchase.

For example, if a user conducts a concrete battle in one landing page that you have designed, receives an email with a content related to that landing page, of automatic form, customized and, by all means, nonintrusive (then already you have its acceptance to receive post office). And, according to he is evolving his conduct in the cycle of purchase, will be receiving new emails customized that to him the product or service of your company will little by little approach towards.

If another user is realising a purchase in your store online, he keeps in the cart the products in which are interested and it does not get to finalize the purchase, you can cause that he receives an automatic and customized mail with a special promotion ligature to the products that are in their cart, that it pushes to him to make the decision from purchase.

And thus with each client. Of this form, the system only works, processing the conducts of the users, obtaining a greater conversion and an increase of the sales and the benefits, when obtaining to send to the potential client a information or content to him of value at the suitable moment.

Qualified user †’ favourite Channel †’ suitable Moment †’ suitable Message

This is, as you see, a form to make very effective, automatic and profitable marketing digital.

Benefits of Automation Marketing

To execute in your strategy of digital marketing dynamic of Automation Marketing allows to realise a series of tremendously effective actions with which a series of advantages and benefits is generated, as for example:

  • It reduces to the cost of personal time and resources.
  • It improves the effectiveness of the campaigns.
  • It allows to quantify with exactitude the result of the different realised campaigns.
  • It makes possible to exactly offer customized messages at the moment like each potential client.
  • It maximizes the obtaining of results.
  • It increases the rate of conversion.
  • It increases the sales and the benefits.

Really, you are able to establish some customized and automatic communications with users turned into leads so that finally by a route and a process become ssd vps hosting clients, taking they that you yourself plans.

In order to secure a greater effectiveness, the marketing of Automatization can be combined with other strategies of pick up (for example, Google AdWords) and of loyalty (mainly, the Email Marketing).

All this, integrated in a strategy of Marketing 360º as that we prepared day to day in Nature Digitalis, will allow to sell more investing to less time and money you.

We worked together in a strategy of Marketing 360º for your business?