Notes of press: How they help in your strategy of marketing?

The press notes suppose one of the more traditional, classic and effective strategies of communication that exist. The fact that they are a form to communicate €œof those of all the life€ does not reduce importance at present to them; on the contrary, the press note shipment has secured even greater relevance with the implantation of digital marketing.

A press note has reconnaissance targets name brand, mainly. The companies look for mediatic impact, to communicate what they think that is of interest, and to be in the mind of his possible consumers. She is one of the most common tasks of a press cabinet, since it is a way simple to emit communications and to control this information on the brand.

Although it is certain that in the present world the companies have less power to control what is shelp of them (portals of valuations and opinions, social networks€¦), the press notes continue being a basic action in the communication strategy.

What is a press note?

A press note is a communication, generally in format text, that a company, institution or person make arrive at means so that they become echo of her, since it has journalistic interest for the hearings of these means.

As you see, the press notes are essential for the communication cabinets, since they are the route by which the companies and institutions make get information at mass media.

Traditionally, the press notes had the objective to present what a company had done or obtained, or what it seted out to do or to obtain. One was to give media coverage to the events, action, new products or services, prizes and recognitions€¦

Nowadays, the press notes continue playing that role, very important concerning communication, but they have other added advantages.

Benefits of press notes

  • You secure more relevance in Internet. The press notes position very well in Google. Therefore, if always they have been able to catch the mediatic attention, in Internet they also suppose a greater number of results related to your brand, over your competition. This allows to monopolize the attention you of your potential clients and comprises of your strategy of branding or authority name brand.
  • You attract more traffic. The reach that you can have with a press note that is published in mass media at level national (or even international) is much greater than with practically any other action of Digital Marketing. In addition, and since the press notes are, in certain way, part of the strategy of Marketing of Contents, these communications are very related to what it interests your objective public, reason why you will be securing a great volume of traffic and, in addition, very qualified.
  • Improvements your organic positioning (SEO). Many platforms for the press note shipment allow to include connections, reason why this can be a very good action of linkbuilding. That massive mass media or very specialized have a connection that aims at your webpage is very positive for your strategy SEO.
  • Subtractions visibility to which it does not interest to you. Finally, a press note can be used within a reputation strategy online to reduce visibility with evil intention opinions or commentaries against your company. As we shelp, these notes of press will position over other possible less interesting results for you.
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How to write up press notes that the means will want to publish

If you review the definition that we have given of press note, you will see that there is a very important aspect: the journalistic interest.

That you consider that a fact is informed because carries out it your company he is not synonymous of which the journalists or editors of means and blogs also find it interesting.

The key to obtain that your strategy of communication by means of press notes works is that your note indeed is published by the greater possible number of means and, for it, you need to write up attractive notes of press.

  • Llama the attention by means of the title. First that you must obtain it is that the journalists or editors open your note of press, and this is obtained with an attractive holder. Base you on the newness, the curiosity or the creativity to draw attention. 
  • It orders the information according to importance. Most important it must appear in the title; later, entradilla or first paragraph will gather the second most important thing of your note of press. The less excellent information is left for the end, in case there was a limit of words and the whole note was not published.
  • Attached graphical archives to send more attractive content. The online means value very positively that the note is accompanied by images, dossiers or documents or even videos.
  • It only sends press notes when it touches. If you send press notes when it has not passed anything interesting, or of very frequent way, you will lose the informed effect that is persecuted with a press note.
  • It includes elements that increase your credibility. Often, the companies generate communications that are only based on which they think of themselves. For the journalists, this does not have value some, so it tries to include external recognitions that support what you are communicating.
  • It chooses average according to relevance and relevance. Not to waste your time and your efforts in sending the press note to portals where she will not be published, center you in which, either they have a massive and interesting reach (mainly, concerning positioning Web), or are very pertinent according to your sector.
  • It uses social networks to maximize the impact. If you use the distribution by social networks, you will maximize the reach that can have your note of press.
  • Account something really interesting. This advice summarizes practically everything. If you want that the means become echo of your note of press, you will have to obtain that a journalist finds your excellent information. Don't mention it serves a purely commercial text: it is not an announcement, nor a bill of sale. If you do not have anything to count, perhaps it is not the moment for sending a press note. Or you will have to resort to the sponsored article purchase, but this will have a much greater cost.

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