The price of being 1º in the results of Google

A few months ago, a rigorous study of the agency of digital marketing Chikita, revealed to us that the CTR (click throught) of 1ª position in the results search of Google was of 32.50%, which means that of every time is a result search in Google, 32.50% of clicks take them the result that is in 1ª position of the organic results (excepting the announcements of Google ADS).

To occupy 2ª position in the ranking of results is awarded with a 17.60% of clicks and to be 3º with a 11.40%.

To be in the second page means to less than conform to 1% of those clicks to us, perhaps for that reason it says that the second page of Google is the best place to hide a corpse.

Now we will only have to conduct a simple operation to know the difference that there is between being in 1ª or being in 2ª position of results. From a position to another one the difference of clicks to that we could choose is the double.

But, we are speaking of the same CTR in pages that contain publicity of Google, that without her?

An exceptional study of Advanced Web Ranking reveals to us that no. The CTR or yield of the results search is not the same for pages with publicity of Google that without her, this is not difficult to guess since the announcements of Google precede almost always to the first result.

But to what extent they affect the announcements to the positions of the ranking?

It is here where there are shortage that of the 30%-25,7% of clicks that would have to receive the first organic position happens to receive only a 17.9% if in that page are announcements of Google.
What means that the presence of Google ADS reduces organic between a 30%-40% clicks of the first one positioned.
Orquillas in the percentage is due to the density of the publicity of Google in the pages of results, since variations are observed if there is more of an announcement in the head of the page, itself are in the lateral one or if they only are on the foot.

It is common to think that if the announcements are in the lateral one, this does not affect too much to the result in first position, also is evident that if did not work, it does a long time that Google would have eliminated them.
But pay attention, the CTR of the result in 1ª position is reduced until a 20% when the announcements are straight only in the lateral one of the page.

This it is the toll in clicks that pays to one 1ª position in Google in favor of its platform of publicity.

Google Organic CTR
What happens to him to 2º positioned?
2º positioned result organic suffers infinitely less. Since of 17.60% of clicks that takes, the fact that there is publicity of Google in the page of results as soon as it affects to him in some tenth on his CTR.

From these data already we could draw some conclusions. One first position successfully obtains the double of clicks that his immediate competitor, but we have to value if the effort is worth the trouble since partly we are working for the finder.

A position 4ª or 5ª in the results search takes between the 4%-5% of clicks and its CTR as soon as it is affected by the existence of announcements, in addition that the effort and the resources that there are to invest possibly to be placed in these positions are smaller.

We could obtain a greater yield in intermediate positions that being in 1ª position?

Of course. In terms of CTR even of qualification of the user who makes the click, surely yes; it will depend on the authority of positioned in 1ª the page. In many cases, we only found strength in both first results and consequently to accede and to rankear in some intermediate positions can not be as bad as we thought.

The definitive valuation I will do it thinking about if he is more feasible to invest resources, time and work in having presence in the pages of results by a great number of keywords, although are between 5ª and 10ª position, or to use to us thorough in trying one 1ª position and sharing our efforts with Google Adwords.

In accordance with these data, the positioning strategies and are present in Internet based on the longtail acquire more relevance than ever.
The longtail is the set of terms related to a main keyword, that added the number of realised searches using this set of words represents a larger number that those of keyword main.

They add then percentage and they make his calculations. On the basis of my experience I consider that each 1ª main position of one keyword would be equivalent to have 5 keywords of the longtail located between 5ª and 10ª position to obtain a similar yield.

Perhaps interesting east is to them type from strategies that diversify their risk and their objective one on several options and does not pay clicks to Google Adwords to be in 1ª position.

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