Policy of Privacy

The Policy of Privacy comprises of the General Conditions that govern the present Web.
VERSION 24/05/2018

Who is the person in charge of the treatment of its data?

Teacher Gaztambide 2 3C,
03004 -
CIF: B03933991
Telephone: 965 982 344
Email: info@b-cashing.com

You can go anyway to communicate with us.
We reserved the right at any time to modify or to adapt the present Policy of Privacy. We recommended to review the same to you, and if you have registered and you accede to your account or profile, one will inquire to you into the modifications.

If you are some of the following groups, it consults the information next:

Contacts of the Web or the E-mail

What data we compiled through the Web?
We can treat your IP, what operating system or navigating you use, and even the duration of your visit, anonymously.
If you facilitate data to us in the contact form, you will identify yourself for being able to contact with you, in case it is necessary.
  • To answer your consultations, requests or requests.
  • To manage the asked for service, to answer your request, or to transact your request.
  • Information by electronic mediums, that they turn on your request.
  • Commercial information or of events by electronic mediums, whenever express authorization exists.
  • On the Web to realise analysis and improvements, on our products and services. To improve our commercial strategy.

The acceptance and consent of the interested one: In those cases where to realise a request it is necessary to compliment a form and to make a €œclick€ in the button send, the accomplishment of the same will imply necessarily that it has been informed and it has granted specifically his consent to the content of the annexed clause to this form or acceptance of the privacy policy.
All our forms count on the symbol * in the obligatory data. If you do not facilitate those fields, or nonbrands checkbox of Acceptance of the Policy of Privacy, the shipment of the information will not be allowed. Normally it has the following formula: €œ[] I am greater of 14 and I have read and acceptable the Policy of privacy.€

Contacts of the Newsletter

What data we compiled through newsletter?
On the Web, it is allowed to subscribe to the Newsletter, if you facilitate an email address to us, to which will be sent the same.
We will only store your email in our data base, and will come to send post office to you periodically, until you ask for the loss, or stop sending post office.
You will always have the option to give you of loss, in any communication.
  • To manage the asked for service.
  • Information by electronic mediums, that they turn on your request.
  • Commercial information or of events by electronic mediums, whenever express authorization exists.
  • To realise analysis and improvements in the mailing shipment, to improve our commercial strategy.

The acceptance and consent of the interested one: In those cases where you subscribe it will be necessary to accept checkbox and to clicar in the button to send. It would imply necessarily that you have been informed and you have granted specifically your consent to the reception of newsletter.
If nonbrands checkbox of acceptance of the privacy policy, will not allow the shipment of the information. Normally it has the following formula: €œ[] I am greater of 14 and I have read and acceptable the Policy of privacy.€


With what purpose we dealt his personal data?

In Nature Digitalis we are going to deal its personal data with the following purposes:
  • To manage the contractual relation and the benefit of the services asked for by the client.
  • To realise all those administrative, fiscal and countable proceedings necessary to fulfill our contractual commitments and fiscal and countable obligations.
  • In the debit assumptions, Nature Digitalis will manage the collection in the account that is indicated to the effect and with indefinite character, in as much continue the relations between both parts, by means of receipts corresponding to the payment of served by Nature Digitalis

During how long we are going to conserve its personal data?
Their personal data will be conserved while the benefit of the service lasts.

Once finalized the benefit of the service, their data will be conserved during a period of 5 years finalized which will be come to its safe destruction by virtue of law 41/2002 of 14 from November, of autonomy of the patient and rights and obligations in the matter of information and documentation.

Their data treated for the shipment of publicity and promotions Nature Digitalis will be conserved until the granted consent is revoked.

Which is the legitimation for the treatment of its data? Execution of a contract of benefit of services.

Express explicit consent/of the interested one:
  • The treatment of its data legitimate in the consent that the client when soliciing grants the benefit of services to Nature Digitalis
  • The shipment of information of the different services offered by Nature Digitalis is based on the consent of the interested one.

Fulfillment of a legal obligation
The management of the collection of receipts corresponding to the payment of served is protected in Law 16/2009 of Services of Payment.

To what adressees their data will communicate? The successfully obtained personal character data will be treated exclusively for the correct performance of the service.

Within the framework of the inspection functions, evaluation, accreditation and planning, the technical personnel properly credited, will have access to its data in the fulfillment of its functions of verification of the quality of the service, the respect of its rights or any other obligation of the company in relation to the clients and users or the own Public Administration.


What data we used as supplier?
  • Information by electronic mediums, that they turn on your request.
  • Commercial information or of events by electronic mediums, whenever express authorization exists.
  • To manage the administrative services, of communications and logistic realised by the Person in charge.
  • Invoicing.
  • To realise the transactions that correspond.
  • Invoicing and declaration of the opportune taxes.
  • Managements of control and recovery.

The legal base is the acceptance of a contractual relation, or in its defect your consent when contacting with us or offering its products to us by some route.

Contacts Social Networks

What data we used of the social networks?
  • To answer your consultations, requests or requests.
  • To manage the asked for service, to answer your request, or to transact your request.
  • To relate to us to you and to create a community of followers.

The acceptance of a contractual relation in the surroundings of the social network that correspond, and according to its policies of Privacy:






* (Google+ and Youtube)

During how long we are going to maintain the personal data? We can consult or only drop from rolls your data of restricted form when having a specific profile. We will treat them as much time as you leave us following to us, being friendly or giving him €œI like€, €œto follow€ or similar bellboys.
Any rectification of your data or restriction of information or publications you must realise it through the configuration of your profile or user in the own social network.

Plaintiffs of Use

What data we used of your CB?
  • Organization of processes of selection for the hiring of employees.
  • To mention you for work interviews and to evaluate your candidacy.
  • If you have given your consent us, we will be able to be yielded to collaborating or compatible companies, with the only objective to help to find use you.
  • If brands checkbox of acceptance of the privacy policy, give your consent us to yield your request of use to the organizations that compose the group of companies with the aim of including you in their processes of selection of personnel.
  • Also, we communicated you that passed a year from the reception of your curriculum vitae, we will come to its safe destruction.

The legal base is your unequivocal consent, when sending to us your CB.

We included personal data of third people?
No, as it only regulates general we treated the data that facilitate the holders to us. If you contribute data to us of third parties, you will have with previous character, to inform and to ask for his consent to these people, or otherwise you exempt to us of any responsibility by the breach of this one requirement.

And data of minors?
We did not deal with data minors of 14 years. Therefore, abstain to facilitate them if it does not have that age or, where appropriate, to facilitate data of third parties that do not have the mentioned age. Nature digitalis exempts of any responsibility by the breach of this forecast.

We will realise communications by electronic mediums?
  • They will be only realised to manage your request, if he is one of contact means that it has facilitated to us.
  • If we realised commercial communications will have been previous and specifically authorized by you.

What safety measures we applied?
You can be calm: We have adopted an optimal level of protection of the Personal Data that we handled, and have installed all the means and technical measures to our disposition according to the state of the technology to avoid the loss, evil use, alteration, nonauthorized access and robbery of the Personal Data.

To what adressees your data will communicate? Your data will not be yielded to third parties, except for legal obligation. In particular the State Agency of the Tributary Administration and to banks and financial organizations for the collection of served or product acquired as a will communicate to the necessary ones in charge of the treatment for the execution in the agreement.
In case of purchase or payment, if you choose some application, Web, platform, banking card, or some other service online, your data will be yielded to that platform or they will treat in his surroundings, always with the maximum security.
When we become ordained it, they will have access to our Web the company of development and maintenance Web, or the one of hosting. The same will have signed a contract of benefit of services that forces to maintain the same level to them of privacy that we.
Any international transference of data when using American applications, will be adhered to the agreement Privacy Shield, that guarantees that the companies of American software fulfill the policies of protection of European data in the matter of privacy.

Right What you have?
  • That is to say if we are treating your data or no.
  • To accede to your personal data.
  • To ask for the rectification of your data if they are inexact.
  • To ask for the suppression of your data if no longer they are necessary for the aims for which they were gathered or if you retire the granted consent to us.
  • To ask for the limitation of the treatment of its data, in some assumptions, in which case only we will conserve them in agreement with the effective norm.
  • To carry your data, that will be facilitated to you in a structured format, of common use or mechanical reading. If you prefer it, we can be sent to the new person in charge who you designate to us. Valid in it is only determined supposed.
  • To make a complaint before the Spanish Agency of Protection of Data or authority of competent control, if you think that we have not taken care of to you correctly.
  • To revoke the consent for any treatment for that you have allowed, at any time.
  • If you modify some data, we are thankful to you that you communicate to us to maintain it updated them.

You want a form for the exercise of Rights?
  • We have forms for the exercise of your rights, requests them to us by email or if you prefer it, you can use elaborated by the Spanish Agency of Protection of Data or the third parties.
  • These forms must go electronically signed or to be accompanied by photocopies of the national identity document.
  • If it represents somebody to you, you must enclose copy to us of his national identity document, or that signs it with its electronic signature.
  • The forms can actually be presented, sent by letter or mail in the direction of the Person in charge at the home of this text.

How much we took in answering you the Exercise of Rights?
It depends on the right, but at the most in a month from your request, and two months if the subject is very complex and we notified to you that we needed more time.

We treated cookies?
If we used another type of cookies that are not the necessary ones, you will be able to consult the policy of cookies in the corresponding connection from the home of our Web.

During how long we are going to maintain your personal data?
  • The personal data will be maintained while you follow tie with us.
  • Once you break contact yourself, the personal data treated in each purpose will stay during the legally predicted terms, including the term in which a judge or court can require them taking care of the term of prescription of legal actions.
  • The treated data will stay in as much do not expire the alluded to legal terms previously, if there were legal obligation of maintenance, or not existing that legal term, until the interested one asks for its suppression or revokes the granted consent.
  • We will maintain all the information and communications regarding your purchase or to the benefit of our service, while the guarantees of products or services last, to take care of possible claims.
  • In each treatment or typology of data, we facilitated a specific period to you, that you can consult in the following table:

File Document Conservation
Forms and coupons
10 years
15 years
5 years
Human resources
Lists, TC1, TC2, etc.
Docs of compensations for dismissal
Data of temporary workers
File of the worker
10 years
Until the aim of the process of selection, and 1 year more with your consent
4 years
Up to 5 years after the loss
Marketing Visitor or data bases of the Web While the treatment lasts
10 years
5 years
Control of access and videovigilacia
List of visitors
30 days
30 days blockade
3 years destruction
Accounting Countable books and Documents
Agreements partners and advice of administration, statutes of the society, acts, regulation administration advice and delegated commissions
Financial statements, information of audit
Registries and documents related to subsidy
6 years
Public prosecutor
Llevanza of the administration of the company, rights and obligations regarding the payment of taxes
Administration of payments of dividends and withholding taxes
Information on the establishments of intra-group price
10 years
18 years
8 years for transactions intra-group for the price agreements
Security and Health Medical registries of Workers 5 years
Information chemical or substantially dangerous substances
Documents regarding environmental permissions. While the activity takes to end.
Registries on recycling or the waste disposal
Subsidy for sweeps must conserve documents of rights and obligations, receipts and payments.
Information on accidents
5 years
10 years
3 years after the closing of the activity
10 years (prescription crime)
3 years
4 years
5 years
Insurances Insurance policies 6 years (general rule)
2 years (damages)
5 years (personal)
10 years (life)
Purchases Registry all the given of goods or benefit of services, intracommunity acquisitions, import and exports with the object of IVA 5 years
Documents Intellectual and Industrial Property
Contracts and agreements
Permissions, licenses, certificates
Agreements of confidentiality and noncompetition
6 years from the date of expiration of the permission, it licenses or certificate
10 years (penal prescription)
Always the term of duration of the obligation or the confidentiality
Personal data processing, if it is different from the notified treatment from the AEPD
Personal data of employees stored in the networks, computers and communications equipment used by these, controls of access and systems of management/administration I commit
3 years
5 years

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