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The positioning Web is fundamental in your strategy of Digital Marketing: you need that your potential clients find you easily to have business opportunities.

Why we make positioning Web?

To increase the visits

The main function of the positioning is that your webpage appears in the first results search, with the purpose of to increase the number of visits of interested potential clients.

To increase your authority

Your positioning Web is very related to your positioning in your market: when your results appear before those of your competition, it improves your image name brand.

To obtain more clients

Doubtlessly, a strategy of developed positioning good Web is not satisfied to gathering many users, if whom that looks for they are qualified and they are not possible to be turned into clients.

You want to improve your positioning and to secure more visibility?

positioning Web

What is the positioning Web?

Search engine optimization or positioning Web is the result of the information retrieval in the data base of the great web search engines of Internet by the use of algorithms search in software.

In our agency in , we designed and we developed webpages thinking about that the design Web must be oriented to the positioning and the fulfillment of objectives.

The strategies of positioning for webpages that we used are varied, although most important it is than its effectiveness has been proven in multitude of projects and scenes.

All our projects integrate a rigorous analysis SEO on the conducts search, key words and the competition of the sector, in order to reach the best positions after our clients.

We develop:

  • Geoposicionados portals.
  • Pages of strategic content.
  • Local SEO for businesses.
  • Product positioning in electronic commerce.
  • Analysis and optimization of architecture, code and content.
  • Report SEO.
  • SEO Onpage.
  • SEO Offpage.
  • Linkbuilding.
  • Social Bookmarking.

We construct your presence in Internet

In our strategies of positioning, we included:

SEO On Page

It consists of optimizing all the internal structure of a website so that he has coherence and well is hierarchized and organized. We work aspects as:

The speed of load of your site (WPO/Web Optimization Performance). Your page must be very fast when loading, not only because of positioning, but also by the experience of user.
Internal liaisons between the different pages that include the website. The crossing of authority among them is another very excellent factor that, in addition, it equips from naturalness to the site.
The fields Goal (Title, Description and Keywords). They must be correctly filled up and to be only and different some from the other, in addition to being descriptive for pages, categories and products.
Content. It must exist a content of original quality and in which the key words are mentioned that we want to position of a natural way and which they are located in the most excellent sites.
Errors. To avoid broken connections derived from a change or modification in the URL of the pages, if they are internal liaisons within site, or external if they come from external pages to our domain, in which case will be necessary to analyze if it is necessary to make a redirection to another similar page of our Web.
Labels. The use of labels ALT for the images, as well as a descriptive title, is fundamental, since Google does not visualize the images, but only the Lees. Labels H (H1, H2, H3€¦) they also must be defined well. Each acts its as facing the positioning and is a very important factor.
URL. To create URL friendly, as much to favor the positioning as for the improvement of experience of the user.
Sitemap or map the site. To generate sitemap so that Google easily identifies the different pages that a Web has.

SEO Off Page

Once the strategy of internal optimization has been executed (on page), we already can begin to construct tematizados connections of quality and from other Webs that are excellent to eyes of the finder. This is SEO Offpage.

It is very important that we create an ecosystem of connections from different Webs, with content original, of quality and updated, as well as to use terms (key words) different, for €œnot crushing€ the word with which we are wanted to position. In the diversity it is the key of the success of a strategy SEO.

SEO Local

The local positioning looks for to secure the best result for the searches that are made locally, that is to say, based on a very specific geolocalizaci³n, is well at provincial level, of city, of town€¦

Examples would be searches as €œpositioning Web in €, €œagency of marketing€, €œrestaurant in Elche€, contrast of the searches in which the location is not excellent.

UX (User Experience)

The usability is a more and more important aspect for the positioning. It is very ligature to aspects that are included in the Onpage section, as the internal liaisons, and repel in factors as the dwell time (time that passes a user sailing through the pages), the rate by ricochet or the speed of load.

A good usability will have as result that the users remain more time in your Web and, in addition, that is appellants. On the contrary, a bad experience (not to find the content that walked looking for, to take too much in loading that content, or for being very difficult the experience of purchase in a store) will obtain quite the opposite.

Therefore, a webpage must have a design very care, but also a content that a great value provides and an architecture that facilitates the obtaining of that content on the part of the user, as well as a simple and intuitive navigation, with the purpose of offering to him to our visitor which comes looking for in the smaller possible time and of the best form.

If you want to know more, it consults our strategy SEO of high performance for companies €œ

We worked together in a strategy of Marketing 360º for your business?