Prestashop or nopCommerce, Which the best platform to mount a store online?

If you are going to sell in a market of high competition will be better than piles a system of high performance

During the development of our store online or professional electronic commerce, a key question arises, what platform is due to choose or what is most appropriate to properly confront the needs of sale of our product? And it is that when the design and planning of ecommerce is constructed as a serious and ambitious project we must consider the election of a powerful platform that of constant support to the development and evolution of our business online.

For this reason, the election of the best platform for our store online depends in its origin of several factors:

  • The budget destined to the store online.
  • The dimensions of the project and their evolution in the time: considering its present and future needs and their model of growth.
  • The personalisation needs.
  • The product amount and type that are going away to sell: physical or unballastable goods.
  • The needs of later maintenance once the store online is completed.
  • The capacity of adaptation to the change of the platform so that it can absorb with effectiveness the modifications of our model of business or company, always taking care of the demands of the users.

Considering these aspects we are going to both analyze main developed types of platform based on its programming languages:

  • Prestashop, the platform recommended in PHP.
  • NopCommerce, the platform open source more recommended in ASP.NET

The platforms open source (open code), usually have a great number of followers and this is an essential aspect to the future guarantee development of the software of the platforms of electronic commerce. As much nopCommerce as Prestashop is tools of open code that are in constant evolution and can be customized with the purchase of different functionalities as payment modules, plugins, subjects for groups, etc.

Prestashop is a very popular platform and nopCommerce emphasizes in the professional development ecommerce to size and

Prestashop is the gratuitous platform of dedicated server hosting developed open code and in the one and programming language PHP of most popular. The application weighs very little and it easily settles with complete access the administration panel where it is possible to be managed all the store, to be created categories, to be discharged from the hospital products, manufacturers, to supervise to the clients, etc. Allows the integration of several languages and the management of different modules from payment that can noticeably improve the quality of the store, although is a easy and intuitive platform, has a system of attributes of products complex and a poorer English French support mainly and.

When we counted on a reduced budget, as much Prestashop as nopCommerce can satisfy the needs with a retail store but taking care of the dimensions of the project, the demands of the users and the continuous change of the technologies, nopCommerce is the platform guarantee of extension, development and reliability of the basic store online with an implementation very simply and professional cradle in the technology of development ASP.NET and with the freedom of personalisation totally to size.

Although Prestashop can consider a platform flexible lacks many of necessary the basic foundations in the electronic commerce with an installation that contains a small amount of connected modules or to the system by defect and that makes difficult to the developers the extension of units CSS or Javascript.

NopCommerce is the platform of electronic commerce open source constructed on the basis of technology ASP.NET MVC de Microsoft from MS SQL with data base back-end. It safely has all the necessary tools for the management of a store online. Account with a Control Panel in which the electronic commerce in its totality is administered: clients, manufacturers, discounts, languages, etc. The management of taxes is very flexible, adapted to the more popular footbridges of payment.
nopCommerce allows to its users the creation of movable versions of its electronic commerces, a graphical interface easy to use that it favors the adaptation of the business online to the mobile of comfortable and simple form. The options multilie down of nopCommerce help to the users with the management of several electronic commerces, being able to administer several domains from an only panel of administrator and sharing data of catalogues between the different stores.

Both platforms allow the positioning Web, that is to say have the tools SEO necessary to guarantee their visibility in the web search engines. nopCommerce reunites all the characteristics necessary to improve the SEO by means of the access to the management of friendly URL s and key words that benefit the positioning Web from the electronic commerce and therefore repel in which the cheap unlimited web hosting products of the store are visible and easy of finding by the users in the main finders.

nopCommerce, the platform of electronic commerce chosen by the ASP.NET developers

When we phelp attention to the programming languages, we must consider because the majority of developer prefers the applications ecommerce realised in ASP.NET instead of PHP, this is because the code ASP.NET base disgrega the files of the user interface with respect to the code, by means of code-behind, a type of structure of the programming that improves its maintenance. In addition the compilation that realises the electronic commerces realised in ASP.NET allows to increase the speed of answer of the servers, which is translated in a greater satisfaction of the user, as much for the final client as for the administrator of the store online at the time of visualizing the products, which load faster and the payment managements are realised without complications.

Against these data we can recommend the platform without doubt nopCommerce as the best option to initiate a store online and the solution more popular open source of the realised ones in ASP.NET with more than 1.5 million unloadings. Prepared to work right away and developed to remove the maximum benefit from the last technologies it constitutes the platform that offers a flexibility and control without precedents.

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