The first webpage of your company: 3 keys for the success

Every day, hundreds of companies consider to be in Internet, and every day hundreds of companies order to the project of his first webpage.

Without a doubt, the first option that an independent company or considers is to become same webpage one. It is normal: the temptation is in the first results search of Google. The term €œwebpage free is used more than 6,600 times to the month, with more than 67 million results in the finder.

Nevertheless, no of these platforms that appear first in Google has used, to make its pages, a system of which offers webpages free.

Why are the Webs that offer the possibility of making a webpage free not designed with tools to create webpages free?

The answer is simple: because they would never have secured a good positioning in Google.

For this reason, you must know that, with a webpage free, you will be a drop in the ocean. You will be invisible. You do not waste the time with them! Today we offer 3 aspects to you nails to guess right with your webpage of company.

3 keys of success for the webpage of your company

1. What delays of your webpage?

Many of our clients doubt when we do this question to them. Surely, and if the webpage is going to represent your company or business, which delays is to sell more (services or products), or of attracting more clients.

A long time ago, the companies thought that they must have a webpage because everybody had one. Now, the companies are not only satisfied to being in Internet, but they hope that the webpages act as business tools. This not only must thus be, but it is possible, and in Nature Digitalis we worked in this direction.

But before you must respond to this question. You are not satisfied and so we have to you counted. Why you want a webpage?

2. What you are going to offer in your webpage?

It is important that you know what you are going to him to offer to your potential users or clients. He is habitual to fall in the error to want to count it everything.

To want to count it everything has a price: that your potential clients finish lost, without to have found what looked for, and they leave search it other pages or websites.

If the objective of your webpage is to sell more, you must explain what you sell, your products and your services, and emphasize what it differentiates to you from your competitors, to emphasize your strengths (exclusive feature, experience, price and rapidity in the execution€¦). That is to say, in your website you must count what truly he is useful for your clients or potentials clients.

In Internet, he is vitally important to reflect cases of success, those works of which you feel especially proud as company.

3. How you are going it to do?

If or you have been convinced that cheap or free it ends up leaving expensive, we advised you that you request help to an expert in marketing in Internet.

Nowadays, anyone can make a webpage in a few minutes, and much people dedicate themselves to it taking advantage the ignorance (logical) of which decide to do his first webpage. But they create webpages that they do not position and they do not turn.

Aspects to consider in the creation of a webpage

Type of webpage that you need

This factor is definitive at the time of creating your webpage. For example, a blog is not the same that a Web, although similar aspects share.

The use of platforms of blogs is very common, as Wordpress or Blogger, for the creation of webpages, by its fast and easy installation and the simple thing that are to choose a modern and attractive design. Since we have commented to you, this it can do anyone.

Nevertheless, once finished the Web, if you have used a blog tool to make your webpage you realize, soon after, of which your page does not appear in the results search of Google, she appears sunk in the finder, or appears by searches that nothing they have to do with your company or your products.

The architecture used in your development Web will be a determining factor for the SEO (Optimization Search Engine) or positioning Web. Therefore, not only it is a question to choose a beautiful design for a Web, but to consider other factors, as the architecture, so that your website fulfills its intention and the realised investment offers results.

Strategies Marketing Companies

The content

Those are too many that think that a great volume of content in the Web will cause that its page appears everywhere, and still more if they insert some mixed key words between the text. This does not work.

The content must be oriented to your users and clients. It must be ordered, to be clear and to explain your services correctly, and to provide quality information to them. If your potential client accedes to your webpage and she does not find what looks for, or it does not understand it, will leave without establacer contact.

For this reason, the positioning techniques SEO related to the content Web go beyond including some key words between the text: you are not created everything what many of the articles count that are published in Internet.

The positioning Web is a marketing technique that it changes constantly.

The distribution

You already have your designed webpage, with a correct architecture, a beautiful design, a clear and ordered content€¦ But how arrive will the users at her?

Mainly, 4 forms exist of which your potential clients find you:

  1. As result in a finder. Somebody looks for your products or services in Google and you appear in the first positions of that enormous list of results. To this type of traffic Web we called organic traffic to him.
  2. Somebody writes your URL or direction in Internet in its navigator of Internet, because it has known you by other means, for example, a calling card where it appears the direction of your Web ( With that, your clients will be able to find you easily. To this type of traffic Web we called direct traffic to him.
  3. By means of a connection in another webpage or directory. It imagines that you facilitate your direction Web of a directory of companies who offers your data of contact and direction Web. When a user finds it, click in that connection will be able to arrive at your webpage doing. To this type of traffic we denominated reference traffic to him.
  4. By means of a connection or it reviews in a social network. This type of access to your webpage is very similar to the reference traffic, only that, in this case, the connection to your webpage comes from a social network, as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Due to the popularity of this type of networks, it is very important to monitor the entrances that take place independently in your webpage by this route. The traffic of users that comes from this type of sources is known as social traffic.

We hope to you to have transmitted the importance of making the things from the home good, so that the webpage of your company is a useful tool and the presence of your company in Internet contributes value to your business.

We recommended to you that you inform before home to develop the webpage to you of your company, but more important still, than you inform to you on whom is informing to you, and the best form to do it is to request several examples of its works of development Web, examples of obtained SEO€¦

We worked together in a strategy of Marketing 360º for your business?