You have a SME? We helped you to ask for the program of subsidy of Facebook

Help of Facebook for the small businesses

The past 17 of March, the director of operations of Facebook Sheryl Sandberg confirmed that the social network will help the SMEs worldwide to stay afloat while lasts the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) with a contribution of 100 million dollars (91 million Euros).

€œThe SMEs are the heart of our communities, and many of the people who manage these companies are seen seriously affected by the crisis of coronavirus, especially as and more people remain more at home. At the most the crisis lasts, major will be the risk for these small businesses and the sustenance of its proprietors and employees€. (Sheryl Sandberg).

To ask for the help of Facebook for SMEs

In the hope that all the information is known about the selection process, the help can already be solicitd that they will include to 30,000 SMEs of 30 countries with an allocation of 3,333 dollars for each (3,119, 91‚¬).

In Nature Digitalis we realised the process of registry in the official Web of Facebook by you and we maintain to you informed into all the updates and new features.

  •  Benefit to you from a subsidy to do against the unforeseen circumstance of the COVID-19
  •  Mant©n your operative business 
  •  It protects your project and it covers your costs 
  •  Connect with more clients and mant©n to you your advertising impulse 
  •  Help to your clients to stay informed and taken care of

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