The disinfection with ozone to the rise against coronavirus

The cleaning and the hygiene will be determining after the alert status

The crisis brought about by the pandemic of the COVID-19 is putting in forward edge of battle to the hygiene, within this to the disinfection and, still in greater depth, to ozone as the measurement of safer, fast and forceful disinfection.

With ozone, coronavirus is destroyed in a matter of tenth of seconds, the toxicity of lyes is avoided and other suitable disinfectants less and the problem is solved collateral of the scents.

During the crisis of coronavirus, the news have put in relevance the spectacular increase in the hiring of companies of cleaning and disinfection (more of 40%) and the exponential increase of the work in its services (until 300%), being of the few businesses that, to day of today, have had to engage extra personnel to take care of their demands.

These companies of disinfection of coronavirus have doubled their presence in all type of companies, public as as much private, realising several daily turns and reaching no longer only to infrastructures or buildings, but also to particular homes, streets, places and all type of transport vehicles, mainly the necessary ones after the supplying of the civilian populace. And the disinfectant asked for by its antiseptic characteristics and their effectiveness against the COVID-19 is ozone more.

They will increase the needs of disinfection after coronavirus

In the weather, the situation is not going to only be reduced to the period of alert status, but it will extend several months after the virus is controlled and, with total security, will implement new protocols of disinfection, sterilization and cleaning, at global level, that a new pandemic or new cases of contagion avoids.

In this sense, the measures of disinfection of people, places or objects, in addition to the deodorisation and purification of the air, will extend between the companies of the all the sectors, not only most sensible as hospitals, centers of health or transports, but to whatever it could return to cause a picture of infection of this or another virus.

For this reason, the machines of ozonization, the processes of disinfection appellants and the supplying of standardized measures of cleaning, will continue maintaining their presence and conserving intact, and improved, all their value of business.

Suppliers of ozone machines

The companies suppliers of machines of ozone cleaning now find a superb opportunity at the market. It is to anticipate that the demand of ozone generators will increase in the months following to the containment of the virus, being this product an important resource for the companies, buildings public and private addresses worried about the health about his users and workers.

On the other hand, the request, gives and home of a machine of ozone cleaning it can also be realised during the confinement through the sale online, which turns to this product into an article of which to be able to provide itself or facing returning to start up the hotel trade businesses, commerces, schools, public facilities or particular houses. Which, among others businesses and services, will need to adopt effective and visible measures that guarantee the hygiene and the prevention of infections once finished the confinement.

Marketing in Internet for manufacturing companies of ozone machines

It generates visibility now and positions as company supplier of machines of ozone and disinfectant to you with ozone, that destroys coronavirus or COVID -19 now, and takes advantage of the incipient needs hygiene and disinfection that the citizenship and the Administration will demand later.

In Nature Digitalis we developed to strategies of marketing and publicity to position your company of generating ozone machines and to let grow your number of clients. It takes this opportunity to offer your services, to help to fight the Covid-19, and to be present in a while determining for the companies related to the disinfection and the health.


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