Specialists in publicity in Internet

Publicity in Internet €» Specialistic in

In Nature Digitalis we are expert in the accomplishment of campaigns of publicity in Internet and the use of different platforms according to the objective from the client.

The publicity realised in digital platforms and of Internet as social networks, webpages, blogs, etc. allows to reach hundreds and thousands from users who are potential clients of our products and services.

The key of the success in the publicity in social means and platforms of digital character is based on analyzing and to understand where are the compatible users to the brand and to the product or service that are being publicized and which it is the best form and means to arrive at them.

The announcements must catch the attention of the users and the publicity must be coherent and to offer valuable information. 

Internet and the social networks offer the opportunity us to segment to our objective public on the basis of sociodemographic interests and data as sex, age, location, etc. 

A realised publicity or is that one that offers something of interest and value to those people interested in that product or service that is being offered.

Services that we offer of publicity and marketing in Internet

–ºCampaigns of publicity Adclick Advertising & Rich Media in average digitalises of great impact in Internet.

  • –ºSEM campaigns Cost by click (CPC) €œ
  • Adwords Search
  • Adwords Display
  • Google Video
  • Google Mobile 
  • Google Apps

Google Search Products and Google Shopping
  • Remarketing and Retargeting
  • –ºSocial Native Advertising or Native Publicidad in average digitalises and networks.
  • Facebook ADS

Twitter Ads

Linkedin ADS

Announcements and means contents sponsored of great diffusion in social networks 

–ºDesign of digital formats: Banners, Flash or animations HTML5.

–ºAction of Email Marketing: Safe shipment of emails. Planning, design, shipment and monitoring of email campaigns marketing, combining publicity and content of value for the users.