Programmatic publicity: announce to you in means PREMIUM

It increases the notoriety of your company when PREMIUM announcing to you in means with the Programmatic Publicity.

What advantages have?

The Programmatic Publicity has numerous benefits for the companies:

PREMIUM inventory

We offer more than 3,000 means to you PREMIUM in safe surroundings between which they emphasize El Pa­s, Cnn, Antenna 3, Atresmedia, El Mundo, Spotify, Ivoox, LinkedIn, Vogue, Forbes, Skype, Puromarketing, Los40, Entrepreneur, and many more.

Desire notoriety name brand

It increases your recognition name brand when appearing in average long-range digitalises, notoriety and prestige. Your publicity will be associate to average pages and of the great prestige.

Safe ecosystem

We show your announcements in safe pages and of quality: the Webs and means are verified to guarantee that its traffic is 100% Brand safe, avoiding average of low quality, with fraudulent traffic or the false news.

publicity or buys programmatic

More information

What is the Programmatic Publicity?

The Programmatic Publicity is an intelligent form to make publicity online, that allows to buy advertising means spaces online PREMIUM of form totally automated and in a matter of milliseconds.

The advertising spaces, also denominated advertising inventories, are all those places where an announcement can be added: pages digital Webs, newspapers, blogs, Apps, etc.

The Programmatic Publicity or Programmatic Purchase is a process based on the combination of advanced algorithms, Big Data and interconnected platforms, that allows the advertisers to acquire spaces advertising online real and of form in time automated, and to hit to its objective public based on sociodemographic criteria and of interests, behavior and conducts of the user.

4 different models of business in the scope of the programmatic publicity exist. On some of them, the Publicity or Programmatic Purchase is based on the system of you bid up in real time RTB (Real Time Bidding).

In system RTB, means they offer its advertising spaces available to the advertisers, who bid up in order that their announcements appear in the best places to the best possible price. In order to determine the advertising spaces in which finally your publicity will be printed, a series of criteria of conduct and behavior of the users considers, trying to offer your announcements in the suitable site, to the adapted user, and at the precise moment.

Thanks to Programmatic Compra or Programmatic Publicity, the users receive a more compatible publicity to their interests and tastes in real time while they sail. The ratio of click is obtained therefore to a greater interaction of the user with this publicity, improving on the announcement and deriving more traffic from quality for the advertiser (more potential clients).

The Programmatic Publicity is a very powerful branch of the digital marketing, that managed well and executed, allows to increase the notoriety name brand of the companies.

The Publicity or Programmatic Purchase is especially useful and beneficial in the phase of discovery, by its great reach and the great notoriety of average digitalises.

In what the Programmatic Publicity is different from other platforms of Display as Google ADS?

  • This is one of the questions more repeated by clients and users. Next, we solve this question to you: 
  • The main difference resides in the inventory. With the Programmatic purchase we have access to a verified means inventory PREMIUM, obtaining valid and real clicks, and avoiding the clicks nonvalid toxics and of robots, as it happens enough with means frequency of low quality.
  • We acquire of anticipated form the different advertising spaces, agreeing to the CPM, and leaving for other platforms the remaining advertising spaces that can be available.
  • A greater creative permissiveness in sectors as the health, the aesthetic one, the dietetic one is reached, or to announce products of spirits or games and bets, something that highly is restricted in other platforms as Google Ads or Facebook Ads.
  • It allows to realise campaigns of retargeting without restrictions of thematic or sector, and without minimum of cookies. 
  • The segmentation is realised of territorial form and with the selection of the means, that already respond to concrete sociodemographic profiles. Segmentations neither by sex nor by age take place.

Different formats enriched as video, multimedia, digital insertions in digital televisions, spots, etc. can be generated.