Publicity in Social Networks: what is and how it works?

You know all the advantages the Publicity in Social Networks? You know how to campaign?

It imagines that your brand could reach million people of an integrated and little intrusive form.

Your products or services, put in with the favorite content of your objective public and to a very interesting cost.

Then that is what you obtain with the Publicity in Social Networks. When not responding to a concrete search, as it happens to the SEO or Google Ads, these announcements go to the people according to their related interests or tastes, their sociodemographic profile or its present location.

The Social Networks allow, therefore, to publicize products or services to an objective public who nor perhaps knows that they exist, but that is going them to discover while a look throws to last publications of its favorite friendly and influencers.

What is the Publicity in Social Networks?

As or you imagine, to make Publicity in Social Networks, or Social Ads, consists of inserting announcements or another type of content sponsored within the main social networks, as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Although their definition is very simple, the Publicity in the Social Networks responds numerous and to something complex landlords to be distributed. And this is thus because these apps or platforms every time include more functionalities and, therefore, the publicity can be integrated more and more in them of ways.

So that you become an idea, the last report of Social We Are aims at that 3,500 million people use the social networks already. This is neither the more nor less than half of the inhabitants of the planet.

But that is a global data: in Spain, around 60% of the population she is active in social networks, and more than half it accedes frequently through his mobile.

That is main the attractiveness of this type of announcement: to be able to hit to an immense number of users who accede to one app of constant form and in any place to entertain themselves, and to do it very well in addition segmenting what public interests to you.

Types of Publicity in the Social Networks

In order to classify the publicity that you can do in Social Networks, the best thing is to speak of the different networks where publicity can be printed.

As in any business, all these apps and platforms need income, reason why practically all the social networks allow to make publicity to the brands and companies.

Nevertheless, the social networks where it is more common to develop and to implement strategies of Social Ads are the following:

Facebook Ads

The network Facebook is greatest at present. Although it is a sector where there are ascents and slopes, is probable that Facebook stays in the top of the social networks some years more, and nontenth this so that more or less likes the public, but because of being the favorite of the brands.

Facebook Ads is a very complete platform, perhaps even something overwhelming for the companies without experience. But it is thus because it has the greater amount of users and, therefore, the greater amount of data of which to extract public interesting objectives.

On Facebook it is possible to be segmented by age, sex, location, sector, position and interests and pleasures. The possibilities for the companies are almost infinite. In addition, you can create customized hearings and of remarketing.

Instagram Ads

Instagram is the other crown jewel, because it belongs to Facebook and, therefore, its platform of publicity is integrated in this social network.

In this way, in Instagram Ads the advertisers can use the same criteria of segmentation and benefit from their important base of users, increasing.

Nevertheless, Instagram is a much more visual network, reason why all the announcements of Facebook you will not be able to adapt them to Instagram. You will need a publicity where the image has major protagonism.

In addition, you must know that the users of Instagram are, generally, younger than those of Facebook, reason why it is a good idea to send your announcements in one, another one or the two having all this in account.

Twitter Ads

Although there are lost protagonism in the last years, Twitter continues being an interesting option if your sector fits in its profile of users, because there is minor competition and the costs of the publicity are lower.

The options of announcement in Twitter are very similar to those of the Facebook platform, with campaigns that have by objective the impacts, the interaction, the unloading of one app, the visit to a website, etc.

YouTube Ads

The announcements in YouTube are designed and sent from plafaforma Google Ads, since the network of video Integra in the Google universe. Nevertheless, and unlike the rest of types of announcement of Google (Search, Display, Shopping€¦), YouTube Ads only Integra spot of video in the reproductions of YouTube.

One is the publicity that is looked more like the typical announcements of television, since they must be short and showy. You can insert them according to thematic, to make sure that they are seen by a public similar to the one of your clients.

LinkedIn Ads

The social network LinkedIn also is very concrete, because it is a social tool of professional character. Thus, usually it is used for publicity by B2B companies.

The announcements in LinkedIn are oriented other professionals and between its main advantages we emphasized that the publicity Integra or, is not very expensive and the users usually respond her or.

Other social networks with publicity

As we commented, practically all the social networks, and mainly those that have a good volume of users, are successful thanks to the publicity, reason why you can find other platforms with announcements that perhaps adapt better to your company.

For example, if your objective public is very young and your brand is bold and self-assured, you can try to publicize to you in Snapchat or TikTok, and for very concrete sectors the publicity in Pinterest is interesting.

Strategies Marketing Companies

9 Advantages of the Publicity in Social Networks

The Social Ads are an increasing game of the budget of Digital Marketing of the brands. This is thus because they have so many types of campaigns and public to whom an announcement can go that can be used of life in several service or product stages of and in very different sectors.

Generally, the benefits to make Publicity in Social Networks are the following.

1. They have a competitive cost

Similarly to which it happens in Google Ads, in the campaigns in social networks the payment model usually is of CPC (Coste Por Clic), that is to say, the brand only pays when it receives click.

This model is quite competitive for the companies and it allows to secure results them of stepped and controlled way. A great example is Twitter and LinkedIn, because they have less competition.

2. They allow to control the budget

As we commented, these campaigns of announcements facilitate that the control of the budget is total. You will not spend more than you have established at the most and you will be able to observe the evolution of the cost daily.

This it is a very attractive channel if your company has a fit budget and you want to see how your brand in this field without risking too much evolves.

3. They arrive at a very ample public

The amount of active people daily in social networks is very great, reason why its advertising space for announcements is of the majors that exist.

In fact, it is hoped that the business of the Publicity in Social Networks continues growing, to the detriment of other strategies of Digital Marketing.

4. Their options of segmentation are almost infinite

With Social Ads you will be able to segment your announcements by age, sex, location (present or habitual), professional sector, position, and I interest and pleasures. One of the forms most precise to make publicity in Internet.

In addition, the formats in which you can insert publicity in social networks also are very varied: promoted publications, videos, histories, articles integrated in pages€¦

5. They make possible to generate own hearings

The social network Facebook, especially, allows to load your data base of clients to create a customized hearing or of remarketing.

In addition, you can keep your own hearings to later use them in other campaigns, segmented by a great amount of parameters, since we have indicated to you.

6. They are oriented to different objectives

The campaigns of Social Ads can be designed to fulfill very diverse objectives, from increasing the recognition of a brand or reproducing seconds of video to a concrete objective public to obtaining to conversions in a store online or unloadings for an application.

7. They secure results quickly

Unlike which it happens to other strategies of Digital Marketing, as the positioning SEO or the Marketing of Contents, the Publicity in Social Networks secures results of fast form, almost immediate.

8. They are susceptible to become viral

The viral ones are born and live in Internet and, in particular, social networks. If you obtain that your announcements become viral, they are shared and commented massively and will have a gratuitous distribution for your brand, that can get even to be reflected in mass media.

Although it is certain that it is very difficult to secure a viral campaign, and that does not exist a magical formula to generate a viral one, if beams Social Ads is not even more complicated.

9. They offer analytical a very detailed one

All the social networks in which publicity can be done have a Control Panel from where analyzing and close by controlling your budget, your conversions and your reach.

In addition, some external tools exist that simultaneously agglutinate the sources of analytical of several social networks, so that you have a total vision of your Social strategy Ads, as Metricool.

Publicity in Social Networks

5 Advice to create a campaign in Social Networks

Although the different platforms put it quite easy to the brands to create campaigns, the certain thing is that it is very easy to lose money if a professional knowledge of Marketing in Internet is not had.

It is necessary to stay updated what changes are introduced in Social Ads and how to monitor the announcements constantly to secure a greater yield.

These are 5 advice who we give you so that your campaigns work:

1. It optimizes your budget

The ideal is to begin with a generous budget so that the campaign starts, but to tell with that we are going to trim it in some days.

In order to trim, the key is to segment, to segment and to segment. You must fix to you what profile works and turns better and center your budget in that public.

2. Center you in your target

At the time of choosing the initial public, and although you begin the campaign with less segmentation, you cannot forget to make a study of what people are those that habitually they buy or they contract to you.

Thus, your first segmentation even must be very studied, relating to your clients to a rank of age, some I interest concrete, a location, etc.

3. Beam test A/B

A good form to study not only the profiles that better work, but also your own announcements, is to make test A/B.

With this functionality, present in several platforms of Publicity in Social Networks, you can create two announcements that simultaneously print during some days, later to choose definitively the announcement that better works.

4. It uses the hearings and the Pixel of Facebook

In order to be able to direct you to an objective public who really works, you will need to use these functionalities. In addition, these labels and hearings can serve stops other strategies online.

5. Parameters that you must look with magnifying glass

In order to know what is working better, you must close by observe some parameters of conversion (CTR); the costs in which you are incurring to secure results (CPC); or the times that you are printing the announcement to the same people (frequency).

With this information and advice it will be easier to you to create your first campaigns in Social Networks. However, it remembers that one is a complex tool for which you can need help professionals as whom we conformed Nature Digitalis, facing not losing money.

In addition, if you contact with us, we will advise to you on if the Publicity in Social Networks is the most profitable option for your business, or if he will be better to bet to you by other routes. The important thing is to remove the maximum yield to your budget from Digital Marketing.

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