What can be sold in Internet?

Urgeed by the economic conjuncture, the companies that go to Nature Digitalis in search of new channels of sale, between these are not few; the electronic commerce.
The clients look for answers within surroundings totally unknown for them and one of the questions that do to us more is the one of what selling in Internet.
This question is not done it because really they do not know what to sell but because of everything what they sell in the conventional market, does not know what products are those that better can be sold by Internet.
In the electronic commerce it is not worth everything. Any thing cannot be sold and he is not recommendable to initially transfer all the product catalogue from a company to a store online.
Which are the criteria that we must follow to make a correct selection of products for our electronic commerce?
1. The product must have demand in Internet. For it we can use tools search of terms nails and to verify consequently, that the products that we are going to put on sale produce searches and is demand.
2. The nature of the product. Many companies have thought about selling their products in markets with strong customs restrictions as it is the case of the international trade related to perishable, wines, liquors and foods generally.
It is precise to inquire into the existence of customs restrictions and the transit times considered for our products and the countries or markets objective.
3. That the relation price of the product and expenses of shipment is balanced. Much small product exists whose sale online is very interesting by the low costs of shipment that entails, even so we were products in which the expenses of shipment triple the price of the product weakening their real value and losing the interest for the buyer online.
4. The product does not have easily to be accessible in the conventional commerce. If we on sale put a product that we can obtain it in the conventional commerce to 5 minutes of any address, the users will choose to buy it offline since they will be able to inspect it by they themselves with his own hands.
It is necessary to consider that exists a great volume of population that lives in tremendously remote small localities of shopping malls and channel Internet puts to its reach any product without having to move minimum.
5. To take care of the aspects of generational and sectorial segmentation. The use of the electronic commerce is determined by a segment of individuals framed between the 18 years and the 50 years.
We have to consider that many of the transactions that are realised in Internet take place using methods of payment as credit cards or companies PAYPAL type whom they require of a majority of age for its use reason why the users below the 18 years will have major difficulty to carry out purchases online.
The strip of age over the 50 years offers a smaller use of the electronic commerce by aspects such as the lack of confidence and a smaller penetration of the new technologies.
This behavior also is observed in the professional individuals related to some sectors as the construction in which the use of the new technologies is very not extended and consequently, a greater tendency exists to carry out purchases in the conventional market.
Perhaps it is the most common error. To try to sell a product that we do not know. A company that does not know thorough its product, its competitors and their market, is the condemned to the failure.
How many times we will have listened to the phrase: - If €œfulanito€ he sells €œsuch product€, I can also.
The fact that they exist webpages that offer certain products in Internet are not synonymous of which sales are taking place.
Many companies create their electronic commerces because its competition also has done it and in the majority of the cases, the products do not find buyers by the criteria that we have related to you previously, finishing as mere catalogues, often out of date offering a bad image name brand.

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