Used Social networks More: Which are those that your business needs?

These are the social networks more used by the companies to obtain clients and to sell more.

The social networks are one of the platforms more used to accede to Internet, as much in movable terminals as in computers, and for almost all all the ranks of age.

Nobody doubt of its popularity and, although is certain that there are some used social networks more than others in general terms (if we looked at exclusively the number of users who accede every day, for example), when we spoke of an enterprise use, the thing changes.

A social network can be a great source of income for your company, as much to improve its image name brand as for, directly, selling your products and services. Why? Then, basically, because they are platforms where the objective public can be segmented very well.

The social networks more used by the users, for benefit of the companies, have a great system of classification, segmentation and qualification of the users, as much by demographic data as by interests, which is very interesting to make publicity.

In this sense, the more popular social networks for the companies are those where marketing can be done effectively.

This is the list of social networks with more value for the companies and, therefore, the one of the best social networks to make publicity.


Facebook is most important of the social networks that they exist at present. It has a great trajectory (about 15 years of history) and is very popular between the Spanish population, with a penetration of almost 90% of the 47 million inhabitants of the country in 2019, according to data of IAB Spain.

According to the last report of Social The Average Family of 2019, that throws data for 2018, the users of Facebook in Spain are very varied. Practically half of the active users less than has 39 years, and the other half, more than 40. The distribution between men and women is quite similar, also.

Most interesting of Facebook it is that she is most complete of the main social networks when we spoke of publicity. Its system of segmentation is most exhaustive and, in addition, of him Instagram is also nourished, that was bought by Facebook years ago.

The campaigns of Facebook can be oriented, therefore, to almost any objective public. Although it is certain that new social networks oriented young people exist more, young as as much adult they are also usuary assets of Facebook.

The formats that Facebook allows are very diverse: text, image, video€¦ Also it counts on a system, Facebook Lead Ads, oriented exclusively to catch data of contact of potential clients. A powerful tool that as soon as it knows limits and that is useful for the strategy of digital marketing of almost any company.


Instagram is one of the social networks more used by the young public in Spain. We could even say that the one that more.

Following with the report of Social The Average Family of 2019, it is the social network that more growth of users presents and, although the profile of its public it is diversified, continues being mainly young.

Around two thirds of its active users in Spain they are smaller of 39 years, and in Instagram yes that we found a slight imbalance between men and women, being these last most active ones in this social network.

How it serves Instagram to the companies? Instagram is a very visual network and the users who use it assiduously wait for attractive and dynamic content. Therefore, and although the segmentation possibilities are very good (because it counts on the architecture of Facebook for it), the formats of the announcements do not give so many options.

For example, if on Facebook it is common to share connections of content, because their users are customary to read articles within the own application, in Instagram is not so normal. In fact, it is not possible to share links in publications, so she is not appropriate, for example, to share blog articles.

Generally, to the users of Instagram they do not like to leave Instagram, and hope to find it everything within app. It is a newer, young social network and that has been born and grown in the movable surroundings.

Thus, the announcements must be very attractive at visual level, to be based much more on the image that in the text, and to be brief and direct, in the case of the videos. They can be promoted in feed of publications or the one of histories. In these last ones it is possible to redirigir the traffic to your website.

Finally, it is possible to aim that Instagram is the social network par excellence for the marketing of influencers. Although they also are present in other social networks, has been Instagram the network that has exploited this form to make publicity.

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When we spoke of the more popular social networks concerning video, and although the videos can rise in almost any network, YouTube is the king.

Also with about 15 years of history, YouTube was born as a collaborative platform so that the users could share videos in the homes of Internet 2,0, but the liking of the users to see many hours of content, the appearance of first bloggers and the purchase on the part of Google accelerated the process to turn YouTube into an interesting platform of publicity for the companies.

As you can imagine, in YouTube the announcements in format work very well video. The publicity in YouTube is managed through the tool of publicity of Google, Google Ads, and thence you can before insert your announcements, during or after videos with a great volume of visualizations.

Nevertheless, also you can insert some announcements type text in other pages, as the most popular channels, from Google Display Ads.

Why it can interest the publicity to you in a social network as YouTube? The certain thing is that, according to data of Hootsuite, YouTube it is practically a platform with almost so many active users as Facebook, although are very different.

Following with the data of Hootsuite of 2019, YouTube is increasing the weight of its publicity of agreed form to its increasing rate of users. In the last year, has duplicated the number of previous announcements to the videos that show the users, the number of SMEs who announce in YouTube, and the amount of very young users (been born after the 2000) who are active in this network.

By all this, YouTube can interest to you if you are wanted to direct to a diverse public, but mainly young, and segmented very well as far as interests: beauty, fashion, video-games, manualidades€¦


Although it seemed that it was going to disappear with the height of the combination Facebook + Instagram, in the last Twitter years has slowed down, and even paralyzed, the reduction in its number of active users.

In 2019, one calculates that Twitter has about 5 million users in Spain, a number that, although decreasing, continues being attractive.

Therefore, although it has a smaller public, Twitter is a social network that can be attractive to make publicity, since there is less competition.

Also, the users are segmented sociodemographic and by interests, and the social network account with the platform Twitter Ads.

Perhaps most outstanding it is the difference of the number of users by location: Twitter has much more penetration in the great cities (Madrid, Barcelona) that in the small populations, so you must have that in account in your strategy of marketing.


If you ask yourself which are the social networks thought to make businesses, LinkedIn is the answer.

In the case of LinkedIn, the interest that it has for the companies goes beyond the publicity that can be done in this social network (that are also possible, with LinkedIn Ads), because it is a platform of ideal Networking to make businesses with other companies, that is to say, if your company works B2B.

In any case, the profile of the user of LinkedIn is very professional. The users are segmented according to location, professional field of studies and positions. With that information you can create announcements of different formats in one from the oriented social networks more from the business that exist.


Finally, we are going to do a note to you that we think that it is fundamental for the companies that want to be connected with their potential clients.

If you look for information on the social networks more used to find there to your objective public, probably you will see that the listings do not include WhatsApp, since it is not a social network to the use. But, for your enterprise objectives, he is very important and, of course, very social.

Spain is one of the countries where WhatsApp is used more anywhere in the world. Profiles of all the ages, socioeconomic sorts, levels and geolocalizaci³n are present and very active in this platform.

In fact, a penetration of more calculates of 90% of the 47 million inhabitants in Spain, according to IAB Spain. Reason why it is difficult not to think about WhatsApp as one of the more active social networks in the movable terminals of the Spaniards.

For that reason, WhatsApp sent WhatsApp Business for the companies that wanted to be connected of fast and direct way. And it gives very good results, since unique and customized relations can be created.

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Recommendations on the used social networks more

As you see, there are many popular social networks between the public, and normally they correspond with whom they have developed his platform of publicity more.

In order to make digital marketing for your company, it is important that you consider different factors:

  • Location of your objective public. Where it lives and in what social networks is?
  • Profile of your objective public. Sex, age, socioeconomic level€¦?
  • Activity of the social network. How it is necessary to make publicity in each one of the social networks in particular?

Having this in mind, you will have to adapt the publicity to your public and the formats to which he is customary in each social network.

A good strategy of Marketing in Social Networks, or Social Average Marketing, will contemplate all the options that each tool presents, not only concerning announcements, but also to make grow the community, generate interaction€¦

With this information on the used social networks more, however, you can do an idea to you from where it could go to stop your budget for Social Average Marketing.

We worked together in a strategy of Marketing 360º for your business?